100% Video Games; I don’t Have Time For That


Last night I was playing through Uncharted Drake’s Fortune where I was exploring on one level to figure out how to climb this disastrous tower. While doing so, I uncovered one relic. There are 60 relics to find in this first game and I have found maybe 6?. Looking back at my history in gaming, I have always been that gamer who would collect as many achievements or trophies as I possibly could before I moved on to the next game. Sometimes if I still had achievements left in a game to collect, I wouldn’t move onto the next game until I collected my achievements. Now, as I’m collecting these relics, I realize I just don’t have time to 100% games.

This stems from having many different video games to play! I still have the second & third Uncharted games to play through. I also haven’t beaten Sexy Brutale or Last of Us. Plus I’m planning on pre-ordering the PS4 Spiderman game because it looks stunning. I find the more time I spend to try to 100% complete a game, I miss out on other video games being released.

Trying to 100% a game is time consuming. When I was playing through Lego Marvel Superheroes, it took me four hours to go around and unlock characters, collect gold bricks and play through all the bonus levels. 4 hours!! on a Saturday just to unlock achievements. Normally, I like to play video games for at least two hours in one sitting, but I realize I could have been cleaning my apartment or out at a brewery with a friend.

That’s my gaming rant for the day. In high school or even winter breaks home from college, I had the time to sit down and achievement hunt in a game. With a full time job, social life and exercise eating into my free time, I want to be able to experience as many games as possible. So I’m okay with not getting all the achievements I want to get if it means I can move onto the next game.

Any other gamers out there who have struggled with this?

13 thoughts on “100% Video Games; I don’t Have Time For That

  1. It’s a real struggle, I find that if I am going to commit to post game and 100% such I have to really like the game, because usually to 100% it takes some time. And I hate playing a game because I feel I have to when a game becomes a chore it is not a game anymore. I am one of those people that take my sweet ass time to play through a game because I know the likelihood of my going back to go hunt down every single relic or whatever just to collect them is low. I also like to take my time because I like to truly experience the game, I am not one who plays for the sake of playing and then races through to start the next one. I spent over 300 hours playing pokemon moon for example, took me over a year of playing for an hour here a couple hours here… some times I had all day. And I am okay with that I am one who would rather take the time than to race through and finish as soon as I can (because what comes after the game is done?) But that’s just me


  2. I’m not a gamer, I guess ‘coz I didn’t myself be one. My main problem is that if I like a game I get too invested and then I can forget everything else. My partner got Skyrim recently and he thought that I would like to play, and I’m reluctant. Reason? I’d like it too much but I don’t want to spend hours in the game (I can easily be sitting down and spend 4 or more hours with that game!!!) So, I do get you, although I’m not a gamer 😮


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