April 2018 Goals!

Happy Easter! Easter has never been a big holiday in my family, so me and the boyfriend decided to drive to Milwaukee to spend this holiday with his family. It’s nice to get out of my regular routine every now and then. Spring is right around the corner hopefully, though when I look outside I still see brown grass with dirty snow piles everywhere. Let’s recap the month of March:

Increase my Roth IRA deposit from $50 to $100 FAIL *ish* 

Last month I made an appointment to meet with a financial adviser from Thrivent about my finances and spending. I learned a lot about how to save for my future. Instead of bumping my Roth IRA, I’m more focused on having more money in my emergency savings. My adviser calculated I was $1000 short of what I should have in that account… yikes. I chose to keep my Roth IRA at $50 a month until I reach my savings goal. If you have never made an appointment to meet with a financial adviser, I highly recommend it.

Move at least $100 from each paycheck to Savings PASS 

I also moved my federal refund from my taxes into my savings as well. Saving money has never been difficult for me.

Binge Watch Season #2 of Jessica Jones PASS 

I even wrote my review under my Bizarre Brunette Binges section, check it out if you haven’t already: Jessica Jones Review

Catch up on my Comics Pile PASS 

I finished Moonstruck Issues #3 – #5. I still have Saga and Paper Girls to read, but I did read a lot more comics this month.

Beat Lego Marvel Superheroes 100% PASS 

I unlocked all the achievements besides the 100% achievement. I know what you’re thinking, technically I didn’t meet my goal right? I realize there are many video games out there for me to play, there’s not enough time to 100% every single game. I collected all the achievements I wanted to, but now I’m playing Uncharted Drake’s Fortune. 

My goals for the month of April:

Plan out my Boston Trip with family.

In May, me and my family are driving out to Boston! I’m super pumped about it because I love road trips and I haven’t been to the east coast before. We haven’t really planned a whole lot of it yet.

Create a Travel Savings account

This is has been on my mind for a while, but I want to create a new savings account specifically for travel. I don’t want to dip into my emergency savings to pay for something extra. I’m thinking of going to Ally bank because they have higher yielding savings accounts versus other typical banks.

Beat Uncharted Drake’s Fortune & Start Uncharted #2 Among Thieves

A couple months ago I bought the three games remastered on one disc. When I bought my PS4 back in November, I knew I wanted to play the Last of Us & Uncharted because they were huge titles on the play station.

Beer Boulevard.jpg

Visit One Brewery I Have Never Been To Before

I don’t drink alcohol very often, but if I do it’s usually a beer at a brewery. Brewery’s are chill places to have a pint and a genuine conversation with friends. Minneapolis / St. Paul have way too many breweries to count, but I want to visit one I haven’t been to before.


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