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[Image shows a woman menacingly looking in front. There are gym lockers in the background with grafitti that says "Fight Like a Woman" There's a man unconscious behind her. The image reads - Marvel Jessica Jones A Netflix Original Series. Netflix | March 8th]

One of the goals I set for March was to watch season #2 of Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is my favorite “Defender” introduced thus far on Marvel’s Netflix series. The first season did a fantastic job wrestling with several difficult topics including PTSD stemming from sexual assault. Season #2 is phenomenal although, not all fans agree with me. I have heard the criticisms regarding this season, but I am going to offer my opinion as to why I enjoyed this season as much as Kilgrave’s season.

This season focuses heavily on Jessica’s past. Season #1 ignored how she got her powers instead focusing on how Kilgrave manipulated her. The beginning of season #2 shows Jessica drinking heavily, insulting Malcolm, and trying to survive in NYC. She is approached by a man in a yellow coat claiming to have “powers” who believes someone is trying to kill him. Jessica unsurprisingly blows him off. When he dies in a terrible accident, Jessica starts to investigate and discovers a connection with IGH. IGH should be familiar as it was hinted at with Officer Simpson at the end of season #1.

Besides Jessica’s powers, we really see her relationship with Trish becoming more strained along with why Jessica named her PI business Alias Investigations. Additionally, Jessica meets her mother who apparently didn’t die in the car accident. Her mother gained powers through illegal experiments performed at IGH. Unfortunately for Jessica’s mother, she cannot control the people she kills and the anger she exhibits. Ultimately, Trish kills her in the last episode due to all of the crimes she committed.

One of the biggest criticisms of this show is there really isn’t a “big bad villain”. Kilgrave led season #1 while season #2 centers around Jessica’s mother. Karl Malus could be considered a villain, but his intentions are good. However, I want to argue the reason why season #2 is as great as season #1 is because of character development. Malcolm has a bigger role this season besides just being a drug addict controlled by Kilgrave. He takes charge of his future and eventually sticks up for himself telling Jessica he’s done being mistreated by her. He has a heart and even though Trish completely uses him, he still wants to make sure she’s okay.

One last thing I want to mention is I adore Jessica’s relationship with Oscar and his son Vido. Especially the end scene where Jessica has dinner with the two of them and talks about her day. She isn’t in a good place mentally so instead of drinking her sorrows like her usual, she spends time with them.

Season #2 of Jessica Jones has a different tone from season #1, but I loved it.

7 thoughts on “Jessica Jones

  1. I really liked this season. I was a tiny bit disappointed with her slight backslide after the Defenders season, but on the other hand it takes a lot to change a person’s habits. I think in terms of villain, this season had the weaker villain but that didn’t harm the overall result. What I found really powerful was that as she struggled to get herself together, we got to see Trish and Hogarth falling apart (with differing outcomes). I also liked that Malcolm evolved, though was surprised exactly how far he went. I am excited for series 3 which I assume will happen.


    • I felt Jessica didn’t back slide as much as Trish or Hogarth did. I think too in the end Jessica made improvements like when instead of drinking alone she went to Oscar’s apartment to talk about her day. That’s a big step in the right direction for her.

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      • Sorry, I meant backslide at the start of the series. What was interesting was that as she got her life under control, Hogarth and Trish were falling apart. It was almost like happiness and ruin for the three were connected and whilst one was happy the other couldn’t be. Though Trish and Hogarth did find an equilibrium by the end and I did like that (I wondered if they were going to make hints towards the character Hellcat)


  2. I’m about to finish the show soon, so I just read a bit from your review and stopped soon. So far, I like this show a lot. The second season is more about characters, but also traumas. (I’m at the point where Jessica can see Killgrave in like visions…. it’s creepy!)


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