Life is Strange – Review

CW: Suicide

Max Caulfield from Life is Strange reminds me of myself at the age of 18. She’s insecure, and timid, yet caring to her close friends. Playing through Life is Strange reminded me of the old high school drama that I experienced. My best friend recommended this game which says a lot because she isn’t a gamer though her boyfriend recommended it to her.  After finishing the game, I can without a doubt say that this was the best game I played this year.

Max is a freshman at a prestigious art school in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. As a talented photographer, she was accepted into Blackwell Academy which is her dream school. During a lecture, she experiences a vision of a tornado destroying Arcadia Bay. In addition to having these visions, she hides in the bathroom and watches helplessly as a woman is shot and killed by a student. Turns out this woman was Max’s former best friend, Chloe. Max awakes in her classroom and is able to rewind time to save Chloe. Max now has to balance her newly renewed relationship with Chloe and uncover how to save Arcadia Bay from the tornado.

Life is Strange is all based on making decisions that will impact the later episodes. I often took a couple minutes to think about how Max would react. It could be something as simple as choosing to comfort a mean girl or more complicated responses like trying to prevent a student from committing suicide. The game is all dependent on how you choose to interact with each character.

*Massive Spoilers*

At the end of the game, Max is looking out at the tornado which will soon be upon the shores of Arcadia Bay. Max and Chloe realize that the tornado was created based on how time has been altered. Chloe pleads with Max to allow her to die to save Arcadia Bay so do you: A. Ignore Chloe and watch as your family and friends perish or B. Choose to rewind time, but not save Chloe and allow her to die so the town will be protected.

I had a difficult time making a choice. After some careful thought, I chose the option to not save Chloe. Morally, I couldn’t justify saving one person and sacrificing thousands. It’s heartbreaking to watch the cut scene as Max is shedding tears knowing there’s nothing she can do to save her.

I’m interested to know what my readers thought about all the decisions in this game and what they chose at the end. Also, I really hope there will be a Life is Strange sequel because I will have that pre-ordered in a heartbeat. Life is Strange is the best video game I played and probably is one of my all-time favorite games.

22 thoughts on “Life is Strange – Review

  1. This sounds really awesome in terms of getting players emotionally invested. I will need to check it out. I presume the time rewind isn’t a mechanic you use frequently in the game?


  2. Wow this sounds amazing! I’ve been wanting to get a PS4 for a while now, but put myself off as there aren’t a massive amount of games that appeal to me, but this sounds right up my street! I am going to have to get one and play this 🙂 xx


  3. I love Life Is Strange. This game is one of the best examples of great storytelling in gaming that I can think of. I chose to save Chloe in the end even though this isn’t really the “right” choice because I thought it made the most sense given the way that I had played Max’s character. My Max usually erred on the side of helping Chloe and, at least the way I played her, I think that she wasn’t really as morally upstanding as she liked to think. So it made sense to me that she would choose to save Chloe.

    I also think that this game is really great in the realm of female representation and I recently blogged about it here:


    • I tried to help Chloe too most of the time, but as I mentioned, I couldn’t justify saving her and then let the town go to waste. I like hearing your opinion though and why you chose the way you did. I’ll check out your article though


  4. My latest is on Life is Strange too! Life is Strange: Before the Storm to be exact – which is totally worth checking out if you liked the original. It’s a lot of the same feel, and you get a bit more insight into Chloe. Only the first episode is out so far but it’s really good so far.


  5. I watched a full playthrough of this game and have played the first episode myself. Certainly an interesting story from start to finish. And now they have a Prequel game called Before the Storm that just came out that follows Chloe’s story.


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