September Goals!

September is a weird month for me in a couple ways. I’m not going back to college for the first time in five years and I’m actually making enough money to support myself in an apartment. I used to write monthly goals on my blog but then stopped for some reason. I’m bringing this back for my blog because I love reflecting month to month on everything I have accomplished.

~Planning Out A Trip to Universal Studios

Me and my family are prepping a trip to Universal Studios in February. Why February? Living in Minnesota for the winter means I need a break from the harsh cold weather plus it’s before spring break so I’m hoping to beat the rush.

~Rent Two Books from the Library

Libraries are often beautiful buildings I forget exist which is sad. I buy many books a month and I’m trying to do less of this. Ever since moving a couple weeks ago, I got rid of a stack of books I wasn’t planning on re-reading. To save money and limit clutter, I will be borrowing books from the library.

~Participate in D&D One Shots

Thanks to Twin Cities Geek, I was added to a local D&D Facebook group. Events are always happening for one-shot D&D campaigns. I always make excuses as to why I can’t go play D&D, but I do want to dabble more in dice-rolling RPGs. Also check out my article about my one-shot campaign, Monsters & Other Childish Things

~Yoga once a week

Most of my workouts are either cardio or strength training and yoga gets forgotten. I might save my yoga for Sundays since those are lazy days anyway.

These goals are ambitious, but I like being busy. I would love to hear your goals for the month in the comments.

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