April & May Thrift Haul

College has taught me to be frugal with the way I handle money. Thrift shopping at either good will or at TJ Maxx has taught me how to have great style on a budget. Thrift stores offer the cutest clothes for super cheap and each piece is usually in great condition. Plus if you’re looking for a new dress for that one occasion and you only wear it once; you feel less guilty spending $10 versus $60-$80. In these past two months I went thrifting twice so I wanted to share my awesome/geeky finds with you because I scored a great deal.


Star Wars Rogue One T Shirt.jpg

Star Wars Rogue One T-Shirt

For $3 I was the owner of this detailed Rogue One t-shirt. If you follow me on Instagram, I wore this shirt to my graduation rehearsal on May the 4th. This shirt is super soft and comfy and looks great paired with leggings or with a pair of my skinny jeans. I was in need of a new Star Wars shirt so when I found this at goodwill, I knew I had to purchase it.

Graduation Dress 4

Graduation Dress May 5th 2017

Graduation Dress 2

This was the dress that I wore for graduation. It was only $10 dollars and it has pockets on either side so I could fit my phone in the pocket. It made it easier to meet up with family & friends after the ceremony. This dress came from the Loft which I know sells higher priced clothing. I am so glad to have this dress hanging in my closet.

Maxi Dress.jpg

May 5th Graduation Day 133.JPG

This little maxi dress cost $15 and it was worth the price. It’s super soft and fits my body well. This was my dress I wore for Free Comic Book day and for bumming around La Crosse with my family the day after graduation. The tribal print is different from what I typically wear because I wear black all the time, but I’m forcing myself to adapt to having color in my closet.



Remote Controlled BB8

BB8 Selfie

So I actually didn’t purchase this because my friend was getting rid of the BB8 Remote Controlled toy. If I didn’t immediately grab this out of her hands I would have had to go to the thrift store and buy this so it sort of counts… right? I have found a purpose for this toy as I plan to use it to rile up the cat when I’m at home.


How to Train Your Dragon is such an underrated animated film partly due to Toothless the main dragon. Toothless honestly acts like a cat which is why I love him even more. This was a build-a-bear exclusive and he even has his wings attached on his back. He is so cuddly and I felt that he could guard my bed at night.

Spiderman Cards 2Spiderman Cards 3Spiderman Cards 4Spiderman Cards 5Spiderman Cards

These Spiderman trading cards are from the 30th anniversary of the creation of the character. I don’t know what these cards are worth, but they look older. There’s a whole stack to go through, but it’s cool they included a card about the Avengers, Mary Jane and Peter’s marriage and more. I plan on buying card sleeves for them so they don’t get wrecked or bent out of shape. I am not a huge Spiderman fan, but I want to read each card and find out more about the character’s publishing history.

So BB8, Toothless and Spiderman trading cards.. I would say thrift shopping has been a success. If you haven’t done thrift shopping, I highly encourage you try it. You may find unique clothes for your lifestyle or limited edition toys. I can’t wait to use BB8 to drive my cat crazy.


10 thoughts on “April & May Thrift Haul

  1. Everything looks great! We have a store here called DD’s Discounts that has fantastic clothing for less as well! I took a few of my friends and now they’re obsessed with it lol. Thank you for sharing!

    -Luna 🙂


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