Easter + College Graduation!

I’m starting to think Easter is April’s version of Thanksgiving. I ate my cookies and cream flavored Easter bunny and decided to talk about my awesome weekend. I traveled near the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to see the boyfriend’s side of the family. Also a lot of other life stuff happened so I’m going to throw that into this blog post too.

First off, this past week I finished my internship hours for college! I am all set to walk in the next three weeks. I am anxiously awaiting graduation and a little afraid of the unknown. I have been applying for jobs because I need to make money, but I’m also going on a road trip with my family in June. My positive self is looking forward to the road trip while also enjoying moving back to the Twin Cities area.

I am a Minnesota girl by heart, but the boyfriend took me to Racine, Wisconsin. This is a beautiful area of Wisconsin and I was impressed. The town is right by Lake Michigan and the downtown area had a bunch of cool art galleries, boutiques and smaller cafes. We also went to this restaurant that’s right on Lake Michigan for beer and food. The great lakes in the mid western U.S are stunning because they have that ocean feel to them since you can’t see the other side of the lake. I basically could ramble all day about how Racine is the only place in Wisconsin I would want to live, but I digress. Instead I’ll post these pictures at the bottom of this post.

I hope you all ate as much chocolate as I did and you spent time with the people who love you the most. The countdown to my college graduation has begun.

Brew House Beer April 15th 2017


Gelato in Downtown Racine April 15th 2017

Cookies & Cream + Espresso flavored Gelato! 

Lake Michigan Downtown Racine April 15th 2017

Take a trip to the Great Lakes sometime, you won’t regret it. 

Lighthouse April 15th 2017

Oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes

Racine Wisconsin

Lesson Learned after 22 years: Always wear sunglasses. 



12 thoughts on “Easter + College Graduation!

  1. Congratulations on finishing your internship! That’s got to feel good. And I agree, Easter is a bit Thanksgiving-ish for us too since we get together for a big family meal. I think it’s something that should be done more often!


  2. I live on one of the great lakes right now! You’re right, they’re absolutely beautiful. Good luck getting your feet under you after college. I hope you land the best job.


  3. Congratulations on graduating! That’s so exciting! I graduated a few years ago and it’s such an exciting, happy moment. It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter and good luck with your job search. 😀


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