I’m a sucker for every CW DC comics TV show. I started watching Arrow my freshman year of college in my dorm room after classes. The first season wasn’t my favorite, but when Deathstroke became a daunting opponent in season 2, I was hooked. Barry Allen entered the CW world helping to create spin-offs like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. I watched the first couple of episodes of Supergirl and quickly lost interest. However, since it’s moved to the CW, I decided I wanted to give it another shot. Supergirl is that underrated TV show on the CW that I used to dislike, but I’m slowly learning to enjoy it.

Supergirl is relatable because we have a female lead on a superhero TV show! Oliver, Barry, and Rip Hunter are badass characters, but I love that a female hero has her own show. Kara Danvers is awkward, caring, and straight-edged. She contemplates about what good versus evil truly means especially when she uncovers her Kryptonian family roots. Another interesting aspect of Supergirl is how the show handles controversial social topics. Xenophobia is brought up often on the show as to whether or not aliens belong on Earth. Xenophobia is so real in today’s society and a lot of that hatred did come from our newly elected president.

Also, can I just bring up the fact that I love Alex and Maggie together! They are a couple I was rooting for.

Supergirl is lighthearted, action-packed and a perfect fit for the CW. I love that little girl can watch this daily and see an awesome superhero. If you haven’t watched any of the DC CW TV shows, you’re really missing out. Start with Arrow and once the Flash is introduced then watch the Flash. Take a break with Supergirl and finally keep tuned with Legends of Tomorrow. Marvel may have their mighty superhero movie blockbusters, but it’s DC that wins the small screens.

13 thoughts on “SuperGirl

  1. I love Supergirl! It does start off a little rocky but now it’s a favorite because it’s just such fun. I also watch The Flash and Legends but never got around to Arrow since it was so much farther when I decided to check out the shows – maybe I need to go back and watch it too!


  2. Oh my gosh, I love Supergirl! Normally I don’t go for superhero-themed movies and shows but Supergirl drew me in. I love Alex and Maggie! Maybe I’ll start watching Arrow now…


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