Amazing Time Traveling Toy Rescue – Comic

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I adore small comic strips. One of my most profound memories from my childhood was stealing my dad’s comic section from the Star Tribune and reading each strip daily. Most comic strips are found in the local paper, and that’s about it. Comic strips aren’t as popular as they used to be. Comic books and graphic novels aren’t something I would consider a strip because it’s full stories on multiple pages. I am promoting a GoFundMe project about a lovable comic strip with plenty of general geekiness in each panel. Best in Show is the strip and the launch can be found here: Best in Show Campaign

I met the author, Phil Juliano at May Comic Con this year in St. Paul. He approached me and was gracious as he learned about Twin Cities Geek, another site I write for. He gave me a free sampling of Best and Show and I wrote a spotlight interview about him.*link will be posted at the end*. Through all of our encounters, I kept a watchful eye on his work. So when I spotted his campaign, I wanted to promote and support his new book.

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Best in Show is a strip about a geeky guy named Peej who figures out how to time travel. So where does he go? Back to his childhood because who else misses being a kid? Peej in actuality wants his old Star Wars toys which is why he picked his childhood to revisit. This comic strip frequently exhibits nostalgia about childhood while also examining how entertaining children can be. It’s hilarious, heartwarming, and nostalgic as I think back to my favorite toys as a child.

Spending money on multiple GoFundMe projects can be expensive. Phil’s GoFundMe though is rather cheap. $12 dollars for the book, $15 if you want it signed, and $25 for a print with the book. As a Minnesota native, I like bringing awareness to the talent that started here.

Being a consumer is necessary for backing a project that you want to see. I want to see this book launched so I will be promoting this campaign. Even if you don’t have the funds for this project, sharing my post is equally important. Kids will love this story and adults will fantasize about their most missed beloved childhood toys.

Spot Light Phil Juliano

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