Documenting Sexism in Miss Representation

Miss Representation

Film making is a powerful tool to send a message. Netflix has a vast selection of documentaries to choose from. I had a couple hours of down time while I was sitting on campus when I scrolled to Miss Representation. As I watched, I interpreted how there is so much sexism in the way in which women are portrayed in the media. I wanted to discuss what I learned and why this is so important to me.

Most importantly, Miss Representation highlights the sexuality of women in the media. As I’m bombarded by advertisements, I see women are dressed scantily and are wearing a crap ton of makeup. Victoria’s Secret is a prime example of highlighting women’s sexuality. What bothers me about this is that it demonstrates to women that we are successful if we are “beautiful” (according to the media). I can be successful by being intelligent, or working hard in my classes. My success is not determined by beauty. Another toxic idea is that women can’t be sexual unless it’s for advertising. Kim Kardashian posts semi-nude selfies all the time. She takes ownership of her body, and she’s slammed for it. It’s okay to sexualize a woman’s body by selling a product, but no way in hell can a woman take control of her body. How aggravating.

This documentary reaffirms sexism in the media and the way women are treated. It’s important to me that I find awesome role models who defy these standards or who stand up against them. It’s also why when I read comic books, I like reading books that don’t sexualize female characters. Anyway, if you’re a feminist, I highly recommend this. It will anger you, but make you reaffirm why you’re a feminist in the first place. I’m a feminist and I want to see a change in how the media portrays women.

4 thoughts on “Documenting Sexism in Miss Representation

  1. I definitely have to watch this documentary. I totally agree with you. I really think women should be more respected. I have read an article that the average pay for a woman is lower than the one of a man’s having the same job (the study was made in the U.S.). That is not fair. A woman can be as capable as a man, maybe doing the job even better. It’s sad that we are in the 21st century and this happens. it means that the women who fought for our rights along the history, fought for nothing. Probably this isn’t what they had in mind.


    • Exactly. Women are more for just their beauty and that shouldn’t define their worth. I’m more than that. Also YES. I should be getting paid as much as a man because I’m capable of that much work. This documentary is so accurate.


  2. I’m glad you watched this documentary. We need to change things, and it will happen if we keep on making noise –; Otherwise, no one else is going to do anything. I hate mansplaining… It has happened to me too many times already and it’s a pain 😦


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