Sailor Moon in Comic Book Form; Zodiac Starforce

My beautiful wood bookshelf is filled with various comic books. I went on a shopping spree in the summer when I bought four titles at a time. Now I have major catching up to do and I’m not complaining about it. Comics are still so fascinating to me because the artwork on each page is something I admire since I’m not artistic whatsoever. Recently, I finished Zodiac Starforce, and let me tell you, it’s probably my favorite graphic novel I have read this year.

Zodiac Starforce

*Moderate spoilers*

Zodiac Starforce centers around four girls who are united to stop evil, defend the earth, and complete high school without angering the mean clique. They’re given magical powers by Astra and they use these powers for good. Emma the leader, is infected by a monster from another dimension. Molly, Kim, and Savannah unite together to help the befallen Emma and cure her infection. While also saving the world of course.

The amount of similarity to Sailor Moon is unquestionable. I started getting into the Sailor Moon fandom after I cosplayed Sailor Saturn. What makes Sailor Moon and Zodiac Starforce so appealing are that all of the characters are female and they’re kicking ass and saving the planet. The cast of the Starforce goes into battle in realistic outfits that are also surprisingly cute. Molly is probably my favorite out of the bunch because I’m envious of her high ponytail. Unfortunately, though, Zodiac Starforce doesn’t contain talking cats.

My favorite part about this story is that there is a healthy lesbian relationship. How cool is that!? Representation is crucial because not every comic book character has to be white, cis, and straight. So seeing those two just made my heart skip a beat; they’re adorable together.

Besides being completely entranced with this story, there’s a sneak peek at the end. It introduces potential new members one representing Leo which is my sign. I’m hoping that the next issue will also discuss in detail Astra and how the girls were given the powers in the first place.

Zodiac Star Force is a great story filled with plenty of bright pink pages and kick ass battles. I wish I had Savannah’s bright blue spear, but alas I was not granted with magical powers. Darn. I guess I’ll have to settle with reading about it and impatiently waiting for the next issue to come out.

12 thoughts on “Sailor Moon in Comic Book Form; Zodiac Starforce

  1. I love genuinely GOOD action stories geared towards girls! I heard that the main complaint about the Power Puff Girls reboot is that they took out a lot of the action. Sounds like you stumbled upon a gem! I tend to take longer with graphic novels and comic books because I just admire the art for way too long. I know you’re book shelf is already full but if you want to read something a bit spookier for the fall, check out Anya’s Ghost!


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