Sailor Scouts, Murder and the Renaissance

My reading corner has been established in my bedroom with the fan blowing cool air and my various lamps casting light on my pages. The summers are really good reading times for me because I don’t have college homework to do so I can focus on each book. I have been finishing so many books in such a short time that I decided to do a post that quickly discusses three books instead of three individual posts.

Poison Study

Poison Study

I bought this book in my book haul in April. This book was so great! I love anything themed around the Renaissance and this book made me look forward to the Renaissance Festival in August. I love Yelena! Her and Valek make a wonderful team in their crusade to protect the king and stop foreign invaders. Plus it’s hinted at that Yelena has magical abilities which I can’t wait to delve deeper into the series to learn more. If you love the Renaissance and are desperately searching for a female protagonist to root for, this book is for you.

Sailor Moon Volume #1

Sailor Moon

This was the first manga that I read this year I believe. I read Attack on Titan last year, but I never followed up with the series. I ended up becoming a part of a cosplay group to be a sailor scout and I’m cosplaying Sailor Saturn. I figured I should know a lot more about Sailor Moon. I really liked this book, but I found it hard to follow. I’m not used to reading manga all that much and I found it was very different for me to read. I had to re-read some of the chapters so I could fully understand what was going on. I think I identify with Sailor Jupiter because she’s so strong and I aspire to be strong and gain muscle. So I really liked her a lot. Anyway, I definitely hope to continue on in this series and watch the television show because I have never seen one episode.

Unlucky 13 #13 in Women’s Murder Club Series by James Patterson

Unlucky 13.jpg

I remember when I first started this series. I finished four books in a week? I eventually got caught up within two weeks and I loved every story and loved all the women. Basically this series is about four women: Lindsay Boxer a detective/cop, Claire Washburn a medical examiner, Cindy Thomas a reporter and Yuki Castellano a lawyer. They get together and help each other solve crimes in the San Francisco area. his book wasn’t really my personal favorite in the series, but I love this series overall.

I think I’m going to do more of these mini-reviews because it doesn’t seem as dense versus three separate posts. Let me know what you have been reading as I always love taking recommendations!

4 thoughts on “Sailor Scouts, Murder and the Renaissance

  1. I love Sailor Jupiter too but Venus is my favorite! I also really loved Poison Study! I’ve heard mixed things about book 2 which makes me nervous but it seems like it would be so good judging from how much I loved the first book!


  2. I’ve never read any James Patterson books, but I always hear good things about him! I haven’t read a manga before either, but I can imagine that they’re pretty difficult to read if you aren’t used to them!


    • Yeah I mean you read right to left and read the book backwards. It takes some getting used to. Yeah I definitely recommend the Women’s Murder Club series because it’s centered around really awesome female characters.


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