Young Justice Review

I love to read, but sometimes I need a break from books. I love books, but I also love manga and trade paperbacks. When I did my book haul, over half of what I bought were comic books because I just wanted to read and page through the artwork. Young Justice is a trade paperback I finished a couple days ago and I loved it. The TV show on Netflix is worth checking out before reading this series.

Young Justice 

Young Justice

Teen Titans was a cartoon network show that aired around 2003 ish? I remember me and my friend who would pretend to be members of the Titans and just run around her house and pretend to fight crime. Young Justice really reminds me of my love of Teen Titans. Young Justice appeared on my Netflix feed because it was recommended to me. I started watching multiple episodes at once and I really liked the action and all of the characters.

Christopher Jones is a local Minnesotan comic book artist which is pretty cool because I like supporting artists who love Minnesota as much as I do. It’s exciting because this summer I plan on attending Convergence. Convergence is a local con in my area right in the heart of the Twin Cities. Christopher Jones is going to appear as a guest of honor along with Greg Wiseman the creator of the Young Justice TV Show. I bought this trade paperback because I wanted to be caught up on the series and maybe I could get it signed by Christopher or Greg.

If you’re unfamiliar with Young Justice, the characters are the young apprentices of Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, The Flash, and Martian Manhunter. Superboy is an exception as he was a clone created by Cadmus which is seen in the first two episodes of Young Justice. He desperately wants to be known as Superman and it’s sad to see this struggle throughout the first season.

I really enjoyed this trade paperback in part because it discusses the origin stories of each of the characters. For some, this may seem really redundant, but for a newbie comic book reader like myself, it’s a nice brief history of each character. I was especially unfamiliar with Miss Martian/Megan’s back story so hearing that was fun. I felt that the writing in this trade paperback was great because it really showed off the personalities of each character. Megan is probably my favorite because she’s so spunky, upbeat, and energetic.

I plan on buying the next edition sometime soon and hopefully watch all of Young Justice by the time Convergence comes around in July. In the meantime, I highly recommend checking this series out especially if you were also a fan of Teen Titans back in the day.

10 thoughts on “Young Justice Review

  1. I loved Teen Titans!! So I’d probably enjoy this one too:) Will definitely have to check it out, thanks for the recommendation!


    • Yeah! If enough people binge it on netflix.. netflix might sponser a third season. I have been trying to fly through episodes but it hasn’t worked.. being a college student can be tough. lol


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