Legends of Tomorrow

I tackled my first week of classes pretty well if I do say so myself. Out of three quizzes, I got an A in two of them. As I slowly come back to terms with being back at school, winter TV is coming off of hiatus. This includes Legends of Tomorrow premiering a week from now.

I’m so pumped for this television show. All the DC shows on the CW are addicting. You fall in love with a character and then boom that character has its own TV show that next year. This happened with the premiere of The Flash. Legends of Tomorrow is another show that is a spin-off of Arrow. 

Legends of Tomorrow

Part of the reason I’m excited is for a couple characters. White Canary is back after nearly being shot in Arrow. I absolutely loved the Black Canary when Sara played the role. She’s talented, brutal, and holds her own. Plus I like that she has the bisexual backstory too because it’s not often we see a gay/lesbian character in the superhero world. When she died on Arrow, I was crushed. Also the return of Arthur Darvill??! I loved Rory and Amy on Doctor Who so it’s good to see him return to TV. Finally, Ray Palmer will also be making an appearance on this show. He’s so dorky and intelligent. I like his costume a lot and it’s certainly less cheesy than his comic book suit.

There are so many superhero TV shows to watch and I love them! That’s not even including the slew of superhero movies getting released this year. Personally, I’m excited for Suicide Squad, Deadpool, and Batman V. Superman. I will have to wait on those later in the year, but thank goodness Legends of Tomorrow premieres in less than a week.

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