5 Ways I Grew/Changed/Evolved in 2015

Normally, I don’t participate in 5 Fandom Friday, but I really loved the topic last week and I decided to relate this to my life. Even though today is Monday, not Friday, I love this topic and I wanted to discuss how I have changed as a person in 2015.

1. I reconnected to my love of books

One distinct memory of 2015 is how many books I read. 45 is a HUGE number of books. I can’t believe I almost doubled my reading goal of 25 last year. Reading has a huge place in my heart because it’s such a stress-relieving activity. My mind can vividly become a part of the story and I can almost feel the emotions of the characters and be in their world. I read before I fall asleep to help me relax, but I also read in between all of my classes on campus. I also read in the mornings with my cup of coffee because that is truly bliss for me. Books and coffee are two sources of happiness so combining them in the morning is a necessity. I’m trying not to find pressure in meeting my new goal of 50 books read this year, but I do hope to read as much if not more than I did last year.

Once Upon a Crim 2

2. I gained muscle mass.

In 2015, more of my workouts were weight training based. Sure, I would still run around the track at my gym because I enjoy running, but I added weights. Easily within a couple weeks, I saw a difference. I could see the muscle definition in my arms, shoulders and back. I absolutely make time for every huge muscle group including: legs/abs, chest/back and arms/shoulders. Weightlifting is awesome and I’m glad I made an emphasis of this in my usual exercise routine.

3. Experiences > Stuff

I made a post about this earlier in the year so I won’t touch on this again. I’m trying to put money into savings to explore my surroundings. The world is at my fingertips and I cannot wait to devote more serious time into traveling. I also hopefully am still going to Chicago for Spring Break this year! I would be spending some much needed time with the boyfriend while also diving into deep dish pizza which will be so yummy. I love college, but it sucks up most of my money so when I graduate I hope to travel!

4. Tried to become more impulsive

Electric Forest is an example of this. Sure, it was definitely an interesting experience, but I’m so glad I tried something completely out of my comfort zone! It wasn’t really my thing though and I’m not sure if I would do Electric Forest again, but I would easily want to try another music festival say Lollapalooza or Coachella?

5. Blogging more!

My blogging has really tripled in the year of 2015. It certainly helped that I became a blogger for Twin Cities Geeks (Twin Cities Geek site) I have been exposed to different board games and books and met cool staff members who also blog. I have also tried to post on this site every 2-3 days or so. I also started blogging for the Winona State University blog too and that helps keep me busy.

I have grown as a person last year and I hope to expand my horizons and learn a lot this year. Huzzah 2015 it’s been fun.



6 thoughts on “5 Ways I Grew/Changed/Evolved in 2015

  1. This is a fantastic list! Huzzah to your renewed love for books:) I went through that too last year, after spending a year pretty much ignoring my library. Now I’m obsessed again! And how awesome that you’re saving up to enjoy more experiences. My husband and I want to travel but we just keep buying unnecessary stuff. I definitely admire your willpower!


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