My Trip to the Forest

My year is coming to an end so I decided to do a recap post on an event that I should have blogged about months ago. In way older posts, I mentioned my trip to the Electric Forest music festival in June 2015. I have been wanting to make a blog post for a while, but I kept forgetting and now, I have decided to talk about my experience. Electric Forest was an interesting experience and I’m glad that I went.

Way back in March this year, my best friend showed me this music festival. Now I’m the first one to say I’m not an impulsive person, but me and my friend both bought tickets after a week of finding out about this festival. This would be my first music festival ever! Electric Forest is in Rothbury, Michigan which is approximately 10 hours from my home. The weeks started ticking away and the date of the festival was approaching. After numerous hours spent packing, we were ready to go. The drive definitely felt long at parts. I drove the first half and when it came to Chicago I handed the wheel over. One distinct memory of the drive was horrible traffic on I94 towards Detroit. They were forcing four lanes of traffic into one exit and I thought the traffic would never end.

On the day of the music festival, we got up early and waited in line to get in. We were in line for close to three maybe even four hours when my car shut off. Panic set in and I tried to turn my car back on, but nothing. Tears rushed down my face as a couple other people rushed to help push my car off to the side. One thing that the Forests advertise is how everyone feels like a family. I can attest to that because so many people came over asking how to help and if I was okay. Unfortunately, we had to carry all of our camping stuff to our campsite which took forever. The first person I called was my mom and thank god for my car insurance which has roadside assistance, we were able to call for a tow. My car not working definitely put a damper on the festival. I wish I could say the car had no impact on my experience there, but unfortunately not.

To sum up this post, here were my favorite memories of the Forest.

  • Sherwood Forest Electric ForestElephantDSC01660DSC01685DSC01696DSC01662DSC01671DSC01695The forest itself was mystical! The dragon above is actually made entirely out of CDs with lights on the inside. The entrance to the forest is amazing too. My favorite were these yellow lights that reminded me of tetrahedral dice (my nerd is showing) These lights were stunning and were one of my favorite parts of the forest.
  • Seeing Skrillex at 1:00 AM because we slept through some of his performances.
  • Waiting in line to get into the Forest and taking pictures while waiting DSC01606DSC01608DSC01607
  • The totems! People were carrying these totems which basically were pictures taped onto sticks. It was a huge thing there. Of course, I appreciated all the geeky ones but I took quite a few pictures of those. DSC01632DSC01617DSC01620DSC01644DSC01649DSC01621
  • Seeing Borgeous on Thursday and being literally in the middle of the crowd.
  • Going to this kind of gross water park
  • Camping
  • Playing beer darts with friends.
  • Our camping neighbors

Due to my car being fixed and the mechanic closed on Sunday, we had to stay another night that wasn’t planned. Eventually, we called the mechanic and they said nothing was wrong with my car which was great because I couldn’t imagine paying hundreds of dollars for them to repair my car. My car took us the 10 hours home and let me tell you, I have never been so happy to be at my house.

And that was my experience in the Forest! Electric Forest was a fun experience and I think if you haven’t been to a music festival, definitely go. I probably won’t go to the Forest again at least not for a while. I’m glad I was impulsive enough to take a chance and check this event out. I will definitely have many memories that I won’t forget.

4 thoughts on “My Trip to the Forest

  1. LOL what an experience… God. The fucking hotel is an experiences in itself. Remember how rude the lady at the front desk was? And the cops? I couldn’t believe that town. I will NEVER be visiting that town again lol.


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