Chicks Dig Time Lords: Review

Chicks Dig Time Lords

Easily, one of the highlights of my summer was attending Console-Room, a Doctor Who-themed convention in the Twin Cities. I posted a recap about the convention in this post:  While attending, I definitely spent too much money. My purchases included two books: Companion Piece Women Celebrating Aliens and Tin Dogs of Doctor Who and Chicks Dig Time Lords.

Chicks Dig Time Lords is the perfect book to give any female Whovian. This book collects different essays written by intelligent, well-crafted women who belong to the Doctor Who fandom. It’s intriguing to see other women who are just as passionate about this sci-fi series as I am. It reaffirms my belief that Doctor Who is not just a TV show, but a way of bringing like-minded people together.

One of my favorite essays is written by Kathryn Sullivan who happens to be a Minnesota-based author. The best part is that Kathryn Sullivan used to be employed by Winona State University, which is where I currently attend school. Even more coincidental, Kathryn mentions that there used to be a Doctor Who club on my school’s campus. How awesome is that?! One of my friends is currently trying to start a Doctor Who club on campus which I do intend to be a part of. It’s cool to hear that before I was born, a Doctor Who club existed in Winona.

Another favorite essay of mine is written by Lynne M. Thomas. She talks about her backstory in the Doctor Who fandom and also about her daughter, Caitlin. Caitlin was born with a rare disorder that impacts her development and growth. Lynn brings her daughter to many different conventions. It again shows how liking Doctor Who can bring you closer to respectful and delightful people.

This book is a must-read for any fan of Doctor Who especially if you’re a feminist and a woman. I loved every bit of this book and the essays were intriguing and admirable. I definitely plan on attending Console-Room 2016 and I will be caught up on the New Series when I go.

Speaking of which.. how do people feel about the Sonic Shades & wearable technology.. Hmmm….


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