Photos of Happiness

Another Sunday has come and gone. Nothing is better than having Harry Potter on in the background while I type my post. I have been trying to take better quality pictures for this post each week. Photos are fun way to reflect on a past week. This post is pretty quick to put together so even if I become super busy, I can still update my blog. Here are my photos this week:

Captain America Door Decoration!

I live in off campus/on campus apartments owned by Winona State. My CA (community assistant pretty much the equivalent of an RA) made our building superhero themed! I am on the floor with the Avengers theme and I talked to my CA and requested Captain America’s shield. She listened! It looks awesome and I’m pretty excited about it.

Captain America Door Decoration

Captain America AHHHHHH

Roommate Note!

My roommate has an 8 AM so she is up really early! She left me this note on my white board. I thought it was sweet.

Chloe Note First Week of School

Roommate Note

White Board Doodles

This is the first year I put up a white board outside my door. The boyfriend and my roommate are really taken advantage of it.

Chloe adding on to my board

My Kitty!

Astronomy Club!

The first meeting for astronomy club was on Wednesday. Usually we have really small meetings, but this meeting was huge! Our VP (aka my best friend) took this wonderful picture!

Astronomy Club Turn Out

Astronomy Club Turn Out!

Winona Area Humane Society

More than likely, I will have multiple pictures each week of cats. It’s going to happen.

Me with the Kitty

Sweetie, a beautiful calico cat.

Flirt the Derpy Cat

“Hi I’m Flirt! I love to be petted and loved. If you aren’t paying attention to me, I bite your phone and your fingers until you pet me again šŸ˜› ”


Flirt the Derpy Cat.

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