First Day of Classes!!

The campus is booming and filled with life as the first week of classes is ensuing. Starting new classes is always an anxious time. You never know how hard the class material will be or how much time the class will demand. As always my greatest fear is not having enough time to devote to my classes. I’m really excited to share my new classes and what I hope to achieve from the material.

Advanced Fitness Programming:

This class makes me excited and anxious. The biggest project of this class is teaching a group fitness class. I’m really excited because teaching a group fitness class is a great opportunity and something I have never done before. Although I’m really nervous to tackle this project, I cannot wait for this project to be assigned. This class will also teach me how to better prepare fitness programs for different individuals. I’m going to learn so much from this class and I’m glad I’m enrolled.

Strength & Conditioning:

This course prepares students to take the Strength Training & Conditioning exam. If I take and pass the exam, I can be certified to be a Strength & Conditioning coach at a college or high school level. I may take this exam after the class, but who knows. I’m looking forward to this class because I have recently come to enjoy building up my strength. Muscular strength is an awesome goal for fitness to improve. I can now lift 20 lbs of dumbbells for my bicep curls and overhead triceps extensions. I really want to get up to thirty but that’s going to take a while. Anyway, this course will be difficult, but necessary for my major and my professional goals.

Program Planning

This class will be less intense than my other courses. The goal of this class is to design a program to help a problem on campus. This class will provide a lot of useful information about public health programs. I don’t think it really would relate to what I want to do with my major, but I will learn a lot from this course.

Global Nutrition

This class is actually a part of my nutrition minor. It will study nutrition and food habits across the globe. We will also have to present a recipe and a culture presentation at the end of the semester. I would say my knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to actual cultural cuisine. This class will hopefully give me new and healthy meals to prepare in college.

History of Rock & Roll

Gotta love those generals. This is the last general of my undergraduate college degree. It will fill my fine arts and music goal. This will probably be the class I don’t put a lot of effort into, but it still will be an interesting course.

These classes will be my entire life for the next couple of months. These classes will challenge me in new ways, but also allow me to advance in the health and fitness professional field. As of now, my first week of classes is going extremely well. I wish every freshman starting college this month luck in starting college. It’s time-consuming, and stressful but also a very rewarding experience.

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