Life Lately: Minneapolis, 21st Birthday and Lark Toys!

Last Thursday was my 21st birthday. I’m really excited to be 21 because now I can do anything I want! My boyfriend came home with me and he had never been to the cities before. On my actual birthday, we went shopping! I bought a couple new books and video games. My boyfriend bought me this book that I really wanted to read. We went to Dreamers, a cool card shop by my house. Then we visited the Sculpture Garden. The Sculpture Garden is right along the Minneapolis skyline. Their most famous sculpture is the cherry on the spoon. It was the first place my boyfriend requested we go and see. After viewing the sculpture garden, my family & I had dinner at a restaurant by my house. My first legal drink was a Raspberry Martini. It was delicious! I ended my birthday by playing Arkham Horror with my brother and my boyfriend.

Birthday Arkham Horror
Birthday Sculpture Garden Trip
First Legal Drink

Besides my 21st, on our way home to Winona, we stopped by Lark Toys. Lark Toys is a toy museum. There are shelves with older toys and different themes. The toy store is really cool. There were puzzles & board games, hand-made wood-carved toys, puppets, outdoor toys, books, educational toys, and science-themed toys. There was ice cream, handmade fudge, and candy. There was also a hand-carved carousel. It was a really cool museum.

Carousel 2
Clue Board
Grant and Sloth Puppet
Lark Toys Directions
Matt Smith Selfie
Me and Stego
Supeman Playset

This weekend was an amazing time. My boyfriend seemed to have a good time too. I hope to be back in the city area for the Internet Cat Video Festival. This birthday was one of the best that I have had.

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