My Gaming Wishlist: 3DS XL

This summer, I have rediscovered my love for gaming. I brought my Xbox 360 from home to my apartment which means I can game anytime that I want. I also brought back my 3DS which I really enjoy.

Today me and my roommate took a trip to a game stop. Immediately I wander into the 3DS section. Most 3DS games are pretty affordable. I also checked out the 3DS XL. I realize that if I have the money, I would easily upgrade to the XL. The main difference between the XL and the regular 3DS is size. The XL has a larger screen which is great for me. To me, a larger screen leads to a better gaming experience.

Since E3 is officially over, I have been looking into new games coming out for the 3DS. I am looking forward to Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. Animal Crossing New Leaf is a game I got for Christmas along with my 3DS. I adore it. It’s so fun and cute and I love building a house and designing my town. This Happy Home Designer seems like a spin-off. I am definitely keeping tabs on this game.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. The premise of this game is you get to choose out of twenty different pokemon. After making your choice, you go into a world with 720 pokemon to capture and interact with. I love games that have a lot of replay value. This game will easily take me forever to finish. It will be well worth the wait for me.

My gaming wishlist easily consists of the 3DS XL because of the design and the larger screen & Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

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