Life Lately: Milwaukee for July 4th!

Happy Fourth of July! I have been so incredibly busy in between my trip to Electric Forest (I hope to make a post about that soon) and going to my boyfriends house for the fourth of July. My boyfriend is from a small town in Wisconsin called Waterford. Waterford is about a half hour away from Milwaukee. I have been to Milwaukee once, but I was happy to explore it again. Friday we drove down to the city. It was packed! Summer-Fest, a 11 day long music festival was still going on. We started our adventure by walking along the river front. It’s really pretty! It has a nice brick path for walking and beautiful restaurants to eat at. We also stumbled upon the Fonz statue. The television show Happy Days, is a sitcom that took place in Milwaukee. So in honor of one of the television characters on that show, they built the Fonz statue. Of course being typical tourists, we took a picture with the statue.

Besides the statue, we discovered an awesome Italian restaurant in the middle of the city. My ravioli was mouth watering. We also stopped at this video game themed bar called the 42 Lounge. Since I’m not of drinking age yet, I wasn’t sure if I was even allowed to set foot in the bar. Although I wasn’t of age, the bartender said I could stay until 6:00. There are so many television screens in which to play video games. Me, my boyfriend and another friend played a couple rounds of super smash bros on a plasma TV behind the bar. My boyfriend got this fruity drink titled Kirby. I was super jealous because it looked delicious.

On Saturday which was actually independence day, I went to my boyfriend’s aunts house. We went tubing and my back is still sore. It was nice to see fireworks and eat a good amount of food.

It’s good to be back in Winona to catch up on reading and to relax before my 21st birthday!

Downtown MilwaukeePabst TheaterCheese Ravioli with Spinach  Minecraft Video Game Bar Police Call Box

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