Life Lately: Doctor Who Con/Console-Room

Last weekend was the Console-Room’s Doctor Who Convention in the Twin Cities. It was my first convention other than Convergence. It went from May 29th-May 31st in the Hilton Hotel. I am lucky in the fact that I live right near the hotel. I didn’t have to pay for a hotel room for the convention, and I just commuted there and back. I saved a lot of money that way!

DSC01538 DSC01540

On Friday, I picked up my badge! I got there really early so there was no line to pick up my badge! It has the four guests of honor: Ellie Darcy-Alden (daughter in the Snowmen episode), Colin Baker (6th Doctor), Gareth David Lloyd (Torchwood/Doctor Who spin off show) and Joseph Darcy-Alden (son in the Snowmen episode). During the convention, I saw Ellie and Joseph and their commentary during the Snowmen episode. It was really interesting! When I re-watch that episode, I won’t watch it the same. The second picture is the program guide! I thought it was super cool so I took a picture of it.


I went to many panels throughout the convention. One panel was about Doctor Who themed cosplay. Natasha, the moderator on the panel, made this Tardis/Victorian dress. I think it’s amazing! I cannot sew because I’m not that artistic. Whenever I cosplay, I usually go to a thrift store and come up with something. She said this dress took months to make. It’s cool that everyone has a different interpretation of their favorite aspect of Doctor Who. I also saw a cosplay titled “Tardis Prime”. It was a guy with cardboard blocks on his body and he looked like a Tardis themed Optimus Prime. It was really cool and unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it.

DSC01566 DSC01567 DSC01568 DSC01572DSC01574

One of my favorite parts of the Convention was the Dealers Room. I have never seen more Doctor Who items that I wanted to buy in one place. I wandered the Dealers Room for two days and I bought a lot of really cool stuff.The first items I bought were the Pikachu and Hello Kitty rings. Lately, I love wearing rings. Besides scarves, rings are my second favorite accessory. Sakura Blossoms is a website that sells really cool accessories. They appear at many conventions including Convergence. They appeared at this con. Both of these rings are super cute and adorable and I knew that I couldn’t let them pass me by. Along with the rings from Sakura Blossoms, I also bought this really cute collectible unicorn. It’s currently sitting on my desk in my room.

DSC01568 DSC01567 DSC01566

Besides my purchases from Sakura’s Blossoms, I bought some Doctor Who themed stuff. First of all, the stuffed adipose is ADORABLE! It’s so cute and squishy. The adipose episode with Donna Noble is one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes. I also found the Tardis water bottle. I also bought two books. The first book “Chicks Dig Time Lords” is a collection of women’s point of views from the Doctor Who series. The second book “Companion Piece” is more or less similar to Chicks Dig Time Lords. Finally, the last purchase I made was the Doctor Who lanyard. It says “I ❤ ❤ the Doctor”. The Doctor has two hearts which makes it even cooler.

Wandering the convention is super entertaining! I found a couple Daleks and an evil snowman. The Daleks were hand made by people attending the convention. I also took selfies with the Dalek and the snowmen because they were awesome.

DSC01547 DSC01549 DSC01550 DSC01551 DSC01560DSC01559

Dalek Selfie Snowmen Selfie Tardis Dress Day 2 of Con

Overall, I had a really good time at this convention. The Dealer’s Room is cool and the panels were interesting. I was able to wander the convention by myself and still have a good time. I am definitely going to this convention again in 2016.

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