Life Lately: Doctor Who Con/Console-Room

Last weekend was the Console-Room’s Doctor Who Convention in the Twin Cities. It was my first convention other than Convergence. It went from May 29th-May 31st in the Hilton Hotel. I am lucky in the fact that I live right near the hotel. I didn’t have to pay for a hotel room for the convention, and I just commuted there and back. I saved a lot of money that way!


On Friday, I picked up my badge! I got there really early so there was no line to pick up my badge! It has the four guests of honor: Ellie Darcy-Alden (daughter in the Snowmen episode), Colin Baker (6th Doctor), Gareth David Lloyd (Torchwood/Doctor Who spin-off show), and Joseph Darcy-Alden (son in the Snowmen episode). During the convention, I saw Ellie and Joseph and their commentary during the Snowmen episode. It was really interesting! When I re-watch that episode, I won’t watch it the same. The second picture is the program guide! I thought it was super cool so I took a picture of it.


I went to many panels throughout the convention. One panel was about Doctor Who-themed cosplay. Natasha, the moderator on the panel, made this Tardis/Victorian dress. I think it’s amazing! I cannot sew because I’m not that artistic. Whenever I cosplay, I usually go to a thrift store and come up with something. She said this dress took months to make. It’s cool that everyone has a different interpretation of their favorite aspect of Doctor Who. I also saw a cosplay titled “Tardis Prime”. It was a guy with cardboard blocks on his body and he looked like a Tardis-themed Optimus Prime. It was really cool and unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it.


One of my favorite parts of the Convention was the Dealer’s Room. I have never seen more Doctor Who items that I wanted to buy in one place. I wandered the Dealer’s Room for two days and I bought a lot of really cool stuff. The first items I bought were the Pikachu and Hello Kitty rings. Lately, I love wearing rings. Besides scarves, rings are my second favorite accessory. Sakura Blossoms is a website that sells really cool accessories. They appear at many conventions including Convergence. They appeared at this con. Both of these rings are super cute and adorable and I knew that I couldn’t let them pass me by. Along with the rings from Sakura Blossoms, I also bought this really cute collectible unicorn. It’s currently sitting on my desk in my room.


Besides my purchases from Sakura’s Blossoms, I bought some Doctor Who-themed stuff. First of all, the stuffed adipose is ADORABLE! It’s so cute and squishy. The adipose episode with Donna Noble is one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes. I also found the Tardis water bottle. I also bought two books. The first book “Chicks Dig Time Lords” is a collection of women’s points of view from the Doctor Who series. The second book Companion Piece is more or less similar to Chicks Dig Time Lords. Finally, the last purchase I made was the Doctor Who lanyard. It says “I ❤ ❤ the Doctor”. The Doctor has two hearts which makes it even cooler.

Wandering the convention is super entertaining! I found a couple Daleks and an evil snowman. The Daleks were hand-made by people attending the convention. I also took selfies with the Dalek and the snowmen because they were awesome.

Dalek Selfie
Snowmen Selfie
Tardis Dress Day 2 of Con

Overall, I had a really good time at this convention. The Dealer’s Room is cool and the panels were interesting. I was able to wander the convention by myself and still have a good time. I am definitely going to this convention again in 2016.

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