Dice Rolling & Deck Building; Star Wars Destiny

My tabletop gaming consists of cooperative gameplay, but not deck-building games. I dislike the complexity of deck-building games. When I play Magic the Gathering some of the cards are difficult to understand and it leaves me feeling frustrated. A couple weeks ago my friend invited me to the Star Wars Destiny card game release at my local game store. I cannot recommend this card game enough and I had a blast playing multiple games in a row with friends. This weekend I am teaching my brother how to play this game because I am trying to get as many people introduced to Star Wars Destiny as possible.

[Image shows 6 dice, three dice in 2 rows. Below the dice is a card deck. The top card says "Darth Vader / Dark Apprentice. This card features a young Anakin Skywalker before he becomes Darth Vader]

Star Wars Destiny offers two starter decks: Rey or Kylo Ren. I wasn’t able to buy either of these because my game store ran out of starter decks. I bought a bunch of booster packs and a couple of people gave me cards to help me build a deck, but it does help to buy a starter deck first. I pulled Anakin Skywalker and he is super powerful in this game so I ended up building a Sith deck.

Star Wars Destiny allows players to roll dice to simulate attacks with characters and activate special abilities. When I roll Anakin’s die, I have a couple outcomes including a lightsaber attack, his special ability, and a blank. If I don’t like the roll, I can discard a card out of my hand to re-roll all my dice. I have essentially one action per turn so if I choose to tap Anakin to roll his dice, that’s the end of my turn. On my next turn, I could play a card or use one of the dice on my opponent.

It sounds confusing, but once you play a few rounds you catch on pretty quick. There was one game where I kept rolling Anakin’s ability 5 or 6 times in a row and I ended up winning that gameI also heard that Star Wars Destiny will include Rogue One characters and I will hopefully have that pre-ordered because Jyn Erso is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. I’d love to build a deck around her.

Star Wars Destiny is probably my favorite tabletop game I have played this year. Local game stores should have more information about this game if you’re interested in getting started. Otherwise, you can find more information about Star Wars Destiny here: Fantasy Flight Games/Star Wars Destiny.

Incorporating Geek into Fashion

Now is a great time to label yourself as a geek. There are endless superhero movies in theaters, new comic series being drawn and board game shops popping up everywhere. Geek fashion is also something that’s evolved over the years. I wanted to briefly share how I incorporate geeky Fandoms into my wardrobe and how I still look fashionable and cute.

Jewelry & Accessories 

Renaissance Festival 2016.jpg

Red Wing Day.jpg

Scarves are probably my favorite accessory. They’re perfect for those cold, chilly winter days and being in Minnesota, there are plenty of those days approaching. My scarf above has planets, the sun and the moon on it. The scarf is more nerdy than geeky. The second picture I have a Hello Kitty ring on my finger because I love cats and I also have owl earrings in. Jewelry & accessories are a great way to show of your geek in situations where wearing a geek t-shirt are prohibited. For brands, I recommend Betsy Johnson for jewelry. I also pick up a lot of accessories at conventions too.

Tardis Dress / Clothing Options 

Lanesboro August 28th 16 5.jpg

I can’t say how many times I love this dress from Her Universe. I originally bought this for  Console-Room a Doctor Who convention I attended, but it’s appropriate for everyday wear too. It’s extremely flattering and super comfy. Her Universe is a great brand for geek fashion. I will say that I feel their sizing runs small. I wear a medium in their t-shirts and a large in their leggings. Besides Her Universe, a couple other sources for geek clothes including Hot Topic of course, DeliasSuperherostuff.comWe Love Fine and more.

I can always use shopping recommendations, so where do you get all of your geek fashion items? Let me know in the comments! 😀