Harry Potter WYR: Broom Destruction or Howler

I want to preface this Harry Potter Would You Rather question by saying how I hate being the center of attention. Giving a presentation is still nerve-wracking to me. My cheeks turn bright red and I talk extremely fast. Now, let’s move onto the actual Harry Potter Would You Rather question.

Would You Rather: Have Your Broom Get Destroyed by The Whomping Willow OR Get a Howler from Your Mom in Front of the Whole School.

Would You Rather: Have Your Broom Destroyed by The Whomping Willow OR Get a Howler From Your Mom in Front of the Whole School?

Having a broom or any piece of property destroyed by the Whomping Willow would suck. With the damage the Whomping Willow does, any item would be destroyed beyond recognition. Although, I wouldn’t see myself being on a broom if I was existing in the Wizarding World.

When I think of my mom, I truly don’t believe she would send me a Howler. My mom is a rational person who wouldn’t explode with a Howler. However, receiving a Howler from any person I know would be so humiliating.

I’m going to pick. . .

Having My Broom Destroyed by the Whomping Willow.

I can’t stand being the center of attention with a Howler. I would allow a possession of mine to be the victim to the Whomping Willow.

Could you endure a Howler? I would give you props. Let me know in the comments which one you would rather endure.

Harry Potter WYR: Triwizard Tournament or Sorcerer’s Stone Challenges

In the Harry Potter WYR question, you will see a garter next to the green, paper question. This garter if you look closely has all the Harry Potter house logos on it. I received this as a present from my co-workers at my last job right when I got engaged. I do plan on using this garter for my wedding because it’s too perfect. For now, it’s sitting up on my Harry Potter collection waiting to be used. Let’s move on to the question portion of this post.

Would You Rather: Be Chosen for the Triwizard Tournament OR Have to Complete All of the Challenges to Get to the Sorcerer’s Stone??

Would You Rather: Be Chosen for the Triwizard Tournament OR Have to Complete All of the Challenges to Get to the Sorcerer’s Stone

The Triwizard Tournament for me would be more fun to watch than to participate. I’m not a brave or fearless person by any means, so I would find it difficult that I would knowningly put my name in the Goblet. The only reason I could see myself getting picked is if my friend put my name in on my behalf. Out of all the challenges Harry had to face, the worst for me would be either the dragon or the maze. The maze freaks me out because I don’t like darkness or creatures jumping out at me.

The Sorcerer’s Stone challenges seem to rely more on being book smart than physical strength. I could see myself excelling through these challenges. For this would you rather question, I’m going to assume I wouldn’t have to do the challenges myself, since Harry didn’t have to do them alone in the books. I could bring two other trusted friends to help me with this challenge.

I’m going to pick. . .

The Sorcerer’s Stone Challenges. The reason I picked this is being able to recruit help along with being more book smart than physically strong. I may workout, but that doesn’t mean I could take on a huge dragon. Being in a maze where creatures jump out at me would end me. I would probably cover my eyes and forget about casting spells.

How many of you would enter into the Triwizard Tournament? I’m genuinely curious.

Harry Potter WYR: Divination or History of Magic

Last weekend I drove to Winona to play board games with friends. Winona, MN is my college town and it’s nice to visit to see friends along with campus. We played a variety of board games including Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Thanks to re-reading the books, I won the game. I didn’t get a chance to post a WYR question last week, but let’s continue on with this blog series.

Harry Potter WYR: Have to Take Divination with Professor Trelawny OR Take History of Magic with Professor Binns

Would You Rather: Have to Take Divination with Professor Trelawney OR Take History of Magic with Professor Binns

I will be transparent with you all. . . I would be absolutely awful at Divination. I believe in astronomy, but not astrology. I tend to be a factual person which is why I gravitate towards science. Divination in my mind would be perfect for those with vivid imaginations. Being able to predict the future would be neat. Being semi-responsible for the prophecies in the Department of Mysteries would freak me out.

History of Magic is a class more described in the books than the movies. It’s taught by the ghost, Professor Binns. It’s extremely boring as Ron and Harry often fall asleep and rely on Hermione to pay attention. Learning about goblin rebellions could be slightly long, but it would be interesting to me to see how the Wizarding World came to exist. Plus would they talk about other Wizarding schools and their origins??

I’m going to pick. . .

Taking History of Magic with Professor Binns. Professor Trelawney would be the best professor, but I truly believe I would be terrible at the subject. I wouldn’t be as harsh as Hermione, but I would give the subject a certain level of scrutiny.

What about you? Have I picked the less popular answer?

Blogger Recognition Award + Tags

After coming home from work, I saw BizarreBrunette was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the wonderful A Geeky Gal. I read A Geeky Gal to get inspiration for my own blog, so thanks for the tag!

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you. (Thanks A Geeky Gal)
  • Do a post to show your award
  • Give a summary on how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  • Select at least 15 other bloggers for the award
  • Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give them a link to your post

BizarreBrunette’s Origin Story:

I started blogging back in 2014 or 2015. My friend started using wordpress to write her blog and I wanted to write more about my own geeky life. I’m surprised at how popular my blog has gotten. It’s taken years for me to get to a point where people care about what I have to say. It’s rewarding to come home and read the comments people write on my posts.

Advice For New Bloggers:

  • Join Facebook Blogging Groups – I cannot begin to describe how this has helped me. I joined two Facebook groups where I could share my posts and meet other bloggers.
  • Be supportive of other bloggers – Some of my followers have come from me commenting on their blog posts. They recognize that I’m an active reader on their blog, so they go to follow mine. This is a great way to get inspired, but also have people become aware of your existance within the void of the internet.
  • Plan out blog posts! – This is key for me. I start writing two or three posts on a Sunday and then schedule them for release. Throughout the week, I can devote myself to video games, watching TV and other relaxing activities besides writing all the time.

My nominations:

Michelle @ A Geek’s Girl Guide

Kristin @ SuperSpaceChick

Savior Gaming

Alyssa @ Nerd Side of Life

Shauna @ HideNGoShauna

Anyone else I missed

If I have ever commented on your posts and I didn’t include you, I apologize! I didn’t want to intentionally leave out anyone. Feel free to do this tag along with me. For all of you who have supported me in any way, I appreciate you all. I hope to continue this blog for a very long time.

Harry Potter WYR: Time Turner or Felix Felicis

I typed up my Deathly Hallows re-read post last week. Hedwig and Dobby were two deaths that absolutely ruined me. I stained the pages with my salty tears when I re-read how Dobby was buried by Harry. I wanted to pick a happier WYR question for this week

Harry Potter WYR: Have a Time Turner like Hermione OR a Dose of Felix Felicis “Liquid Luck” Like Harry??

Would You Rather: Have a Time Turner Like Hermione OR A Dose of Felix Felicis “Liquid Luck” Like Harry?????

Having a time turner would certainly be an experience. I personally would use it to go back and see my dad. I wouldn’t be able to say hi to him, but to see him alive and healthy would be indescribable. Otherwise, I would like to go back to save people from being victims of violent crimes. I have been listening to a lot of Crime Junkie (which is one of the best true crime podcasts I have ever listened to) and the cases described in the episodes are disturbing. Using the time turner to save lives and bring awful people to justice would bring a new meaning to my life.

On the other hand, Felix Felicis would be a fun potion to have. This WYR question does state a “dose” which I’m interpreting it to mean only one mini potion. I would save it for an emergency circumstance. If a loved one was sick, maybe the Felix Felicis would cause this loved one to be miraculously cured? Another situation where I would drink Felix Felicis would be before a vacation to prevent my flight from being delayed.

I’m picking. . .

Have a Time Turner like Hermione. Felix Felicis would be fun, but a Time Turner would last for multiple spins versus the Felix Felicis would be only one dose.

As always let me know in the comments which one you ended up picking and why.

Harry Potter WYR: Occlumency or Umbridge?

It feels nice to get back to a sense of normalcy. I’m going to be posting regular blog posts including another entry into my series “Harry Potter: Would You Rather”. Today’s question  is about which painful experience you would rather endure.

Occlumency or Detention with Umbridge .jpeg

Snape is photo bombing this WYR question. Harry Potter WYR: Have Detention with Professor Umbridge OR Take Occlumency Lessons with Professor Snape?

Would You Rather: Have Detention With Professor Umbridge OR Take Occlumency Lessons with Professor Snape?

I already know what my answer will be, but I will discuss each answer anyway. Detention with Umbridge would be literally tortuous. If she can use a blood ink quill against Harry, imagine what else Umbridge could have been capable of. The only good quality here is seeing a bunch of kitties on her wall. The kitties would bring me joy depending on what Umbridge would have planned for me.

Occlumency would be a fascinating magical skill to learn. Regardless of evil wizards penetrating your mind, this would be useful in protecting your secrets from others. I’m interpreting this question with “book” Professor Snape versus “movie” Professor Snape. Alan Rickman made a great Snape, but the movies add more sympathy to his character while the books don’t leave out any details of Snape’s demeanor in classes.

I’m picking . . .

Occlumency Lessons with Professor Snape. I picked this choice because f**k Umbridge. I don’t want to be in any room with her. She’s evil incarnate, but she has that annoying smile on her face. I would take lessons with Snape any day. 

This was an easier WYR question for me, but let me know in the comments which one you would pick.



Harry Potter: WYR Candles or Paintings?

This is my first official entry into my weekly series “Harry Potter: Would You Rather”. I’m already off as I didn’t publish this post last week which was my original plan. Today’s question is about which Harry Potter themed decorations you would want in your house.

Harry Potter Would you Rather Paintings or Candles.jpeg

Would You Rather: Have Paintings That Talk to You or Floating Candles to Light Your House?

When I imagine this question, I think of the floating candles in the Great Hall. The ones hanging above the tables without any attachments to the ceilings. In my apartment, I don’t have paintings, but I do have pictures up on our walls. To me, this would count as having “paintings”. Would you want your pictures to talk to you every time you passed by? 

Let me think this through. Floating candles would be pretty for the holiday season. I do have candles set on smaller shelves in our living room already. The paintings / pictures would be interesting if my personality at that time could give me advice every time I walked by. Another bonus to this would be if you have pictures of loved ones who have passed on, they could talk to you.

I think I’m going to pick. .  .

Have Paintings That Talk to You. I picked this choice for the sole reason of having my deceased loved ones being able to talk to me. I could have had a really shitty day, but if my dad was able to talk to me through a picture I had on my wall, it would easily brighten my day. 

Let me know in the comments which one you would pick! I’d love to know your answers. Be on the lookout for weekly “Harry Potter: Would you Rather” posts.

Harry Potter Would You Rather

Harry Potter Would you Rather.jpeg

My Harry Potter themed shelf with the Harry Potter Would you Rather cards. 

I love visiting my childhood home. My dad never threw out anything even cardboard boxes our toys came in. Every time I drive to see my mom, my mom finds something in our house for me to reminisce. The latest discovery was a “Harry Potter: Would you Rather” card game I made. To be honest, I think I made this in college when I became the president of the Harry Potter club on campus. I don’t believe this can be linked all the way back to my childhood. Since this initial discovery, I decided to turn this into a blog series. Every week, I’m going to upload a picture attached to a post of this “Would you Rather” question and answer it. I’m going to do my best to do this weekly, but there’s at least 20-30 cards, so this will go on for a while.

The first card is:

Werewolf like Lupin or One eye like Mad Eye Moody.jpeg

Would you Rather. . . Be a Werewolf (spelled Wereworlf apparently?) like Professor Lupin OR Only Have One Eye Like Mad-Eye Moody? 

This question makes me sad. It makes me think of the ostracization of Professor Lupin in the books. He was made to feel less than especially by Umbridge. In answering these questions, I’m assuming I’m answering this question as if I lived in the Wizarding World.

Being a werewolf would be difficult, but there is the wolfsbane potion. If I could retain my thoughts, I could be a regular wolf wandering around. I would like both of my eye balls though because reading would be easier if I had two eyeballs.

I think I’m going to pick. . .

Only having one eye like Professor Moody. I picked this choice because if I wanted to transform into an animal, I would become an animagus. I wouldn’t want to not have control of myself as an animal. 

Let me know in the comments which one you would pick! I’d love to know your answers. Be on the lookout for weekly “Harry Potter: Would you Rather” posts.



Halloween Tag

The Halloween Tag BizarreBrunette.png

When I saw this Halloween Tag appear on A Geek Girl’s Guide, I knew this would be right up my alley. I always say Halloween is my favorite holiday that’s not an actual holiday. Why do I love Halloween so much?? Hopefully this tag gives you some insite into my spooky brain.

When does the Halloween season start for you?

Halloween Sweater Selfie

My favorite Pumpkin sweater. Photo taken Fall of 2018

I started wearing my Pumpkin sweater on the last weekend in August. Many coworkers felt this was too early, but I disagree. The fiance doesn’t let me put up any decorations before October 1st.

Do you have any Halloween traditions?

When I was younger, my dad would always take a ton of pictures before we went trick or treating. Halloween was fun in my family as we would gather around the kitchen table carving pumpkins. My mom would stay at home and watch horror movies and pass out candy. As I reflect on my childhood memories, Halloween will always be a pleasant memory of mine thanks to both of my parents.

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

This is a tough one. There was one memory where my dad drove me and my brother around to trick or treat. I remember going with my friends as we all lived in the neighborhood. There was a time where I would have a sleepover with one of my best friends if Halloween happened to fall on the weekend.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

Halloween Decorations 2Halloween Decoratiosn

YES! All of the Halloween decorations. We picked up a couple of antique decorations at an apple orchard near our apartment. There are Halloween window stickers, a purple velvet skull and several hanging decorations as well. All of it will probably come down November 1st, but I will attempt to keep them up for as long as possible.

Favorite Halloween Costume?

I loved being Belle from Beauty and the Beast. My brother was Steve Irwin that year for Halloween. Besides Belle, I remember dressing up as Jesse from Toy Story and I had an orange and black witch costume.

If you could be in a Halloween movie (horror or not) which would you choose?

My favorite type of Halloween movie to watch is a slasher film, but I wouldn’t want to be chased by a serial killer. I would probably pick It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown because the Peanuts are cute and I would love to see myself animated in the style of a Peanuts character.

How do you plan on celebrating Halloween this year?


Halloween 2017: Dressed as Waldo & played Call of Cthulhu One Shot DnD. 

I could either play a Call of Cthulhu DnD one shot session or in year’s past I would go to a brewery and have a pint while being in costume. It all depends on what I’m in the mood for this year. Personally, if I do go to a brewery, I want to find an animal onesie, so I stay warm in the cold.

Have you ever carved a Jack-O-Lantern?

HECK YEAH! I don’t think I will carve one this year, but I have done so in the past.

What is something you want to do to celebrate Halloween one year?


Inside a spooky shop in Salem, MA. Photo taken May of 2018. 

Visit Salem, MA. My family & I drove up to Salem when we went to Boston in May of 2018. I have heard Salem goes all out for Halloween and I think it would be a dream come true to go. Otherwise visiting Tokyo or New Orleans during Halloween would probably be fun too.

What is your Halloween costume this year? If you don’t have one, what would you like to be?

Halloween 2018

Catwoman & her Bruce Wayne. Halloween 2018. Fiance (then boyfriend) wore his batman onesie out to a brewery. 

No idea! I haven’t had time to go costume shopping. I’m going to check goodwill, but I also have a Spirit Halloween coupon to use. I try not to shop at Spirit because the quality is cheap and expensive. Sometimes I’ll pick up accessories I can use in cosplay because that way I can use whatever I buy multiple times. It comes down to what’s affordable or what I can thrift for what my costume will be this year.

Super Scary Halloween or Lighthearted Spooky Halloween?

A little mix of both. I enjoy watching various horror movies, but I also like little kids in costumes. I would love to get a costume on Athena, but I’m not sure if that will work out this year.

How would you spend a Halloween at home versus going out?

I personally want to go out on Halloween. I like being around people who like Halloween as much as me! If I were at home, I would probably read more of the Deathly Hallows or play a scary video game.

Why Do You Love Halloween?

Halloween Snapchat Filter .jpeg

Another reason why I love Halloween? Snapchat filters. 

Reasons why I love Halloween: autumn colors, spooky decorations, cute costumes, little kids in costumes, candy corn, pumpkin carving etc. Need I say more? 🙂


Building the Gen Con Exclusive Robin GlowBot

When I attended Gen Con, I scored some exclusive goodies. In addition to being able to test board games from both Goliath Games and Games by Bicycle, I was also given a couple freebie items to take home with me. One of these items was an exclusive at Goliath Game’s booth. This item was a GlowBot specifically a Robin GlowBot. GlowBot’s are a line of figures created by Goliath that have glowing beads. These beads when plugged into their character, allow the character to light up in the dark. I was given the Robin version, which was the Gen Con exclusive. It reminds me of a Funko, light-up, collectible figure. After putting it together last weekend, I’m excited to share with you all about this GlowBot.

Robin GlowBot Putting it Together.jpeg

Time to put my GlowBot together. 

Even though I received the Robin GlowBot a month ago, I waited to put it together because me and the fiance were moving into our new two bedroom apartment. I didn’t want to put it together only to take it apart for packing. When I first opened the box, I saw there were the beads packaged in a plastic baggie, along with the cord to plug the GlowBot into the wall. There’s also a sheet which demonstrates which color beads goes in which hole. It took me about forty five minutes to put all the beads in the correct places. Mainly the reason why it took me a while to put this GlowBot together was because my kitty kept stealing the beads from me because she’s naughty.

Athena is interested! .jpeg

Thanks Athena! :/ 

GlowBot Contents.jpeg

Contents within the GlowBot package. 

After putting Robin together, I was impressed by the appearance of Robin when he lights up. Usually I’m skeptical about figures like this because when put together, they often don’t look like the character they’re supposed to be. However, I was happily surprised to see Robin glowing and actually looking like Robin.

Smiley Robin GlowBot.jpeg

Look at how happy he is!

These GlowBots are adorable. They’re perfect to act as a night light or it would work great as a desk accessory at work. Besides Robin, they had Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Joker and Harley Quinn. Robin is one of my favorite DC characters, so I’m thrilled to have his figure plugged in our bedroom. Thanks to Goliath Games for allowing me to take one home, it helped make my Gen Con experience memorable.