Suicide Squad Bad Blood

[Image is a graphic novel cover. It says Suicide Squad Bad Blood. It shows a rotation of various people on different sides of the cover]

I picked up Suicide Squad Bad Blood at Free Comic Book Day this year. I think I may have mentioned this before, but I tend to pick up more DC Comics as trade paperbacks and I read Marvel single issues, is that weird? I have a soft spot for the Suicide Squad as I find their missions to be over the top and chaotic. I found Suicide Squad Bad Blood on a shelf and purchased it without knowing much about the story. I’m so glad that I did; Suicide Squad Bad Blood was such a fun read.

The Suicide Squad is sent on a seemingly ordinary mission. They’re tasked with stopping a group of super-powered individuals from destroying warships. This group is revealed to be The Revolutionaries, a group of people who feel that their actions are in good faith in saving the world. The Revolutionaries are much more potent than The Suicide Squad predicted. The Revolutionaries and The Suicide Squad become one team after Amanda Waller steps down as their leader. Instead, The Suicide Squad is introduced to Lok who is much more sadistic. Will The Suicide Squad and The Revolutionaries learn to work together?

I loved the story. I think it’s easy to introduce all of these characters and have them fade away into the background. Instead, I felt that the members of The Revolutionaries each got their own back story as to how they got their powers and how they joined the group. Osita was one of my favorite characters to follow along with. Besides The Revolutionaries, Harley Quinn and Deadshot have their moments to shine. Deadshot in particular has a really strong character arc, especially with the relationship he has with his daughter.

The art coincided with the story. The alternative covers throughout each issue were cool to look at. There was a realistic cover image featuring Osita along with a creepy, smiley Harley Quinn towards the end of the book. There’s a particularly violent encounter that is depicted towards the beginning of the story and I feel the art helps to illustrate that scene.

I was pleasantly surprised by Suicide Squad Bad Blood. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting as there were certain Suicide Squad comic series that I read a few years ago that I wasn’t a fan of. Suicide Squad Bad Blood was entertaining and I’m curious to read more of Tom Taylor’s work in comics.

2 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Bad Blood

  1. Tom Taylor is amazing. If you want to read more DC work from him, I highly recommend Nightwing, Superman: Son of Kal-El, Dark Knights of Steel, and he just started writing Titans, the debut issue coming out this last Tuesday.


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