The Suicide Squad Game – Thoughts

The Batman Rocksteady games are some of my favorite video games of all time. Rocksteady made playing Batman fun and I loved being able to run around and solve all of the riddles that were scattered throughout the game. When it was announced that Rocksteady would be releasing a new game titled Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, I was all in. There is no video game studio more equipped to make a Suicide Squad game than Rocksteady. That is until a few weeks ago when gameplay for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League was released and it doesn’t look very good. I wanted to talk about the gameplay and general first impression thoughts of the game.

My first initial thought when watching the gameplay was how this feels more like Fortnite than Batman Arkham Asylum to me. I don’t mind Fortnite as a game, but it’s not what I was anticipating Suicide Squad to be like. Another thing that I found odd was that the characters all seemed to have jetpacks to fly around the map. I will say it seems like Harley is using a grapple gun versus a jet pack, but still, it doesn’t feel true to her character. This could easily be explained in the story as they could have received that type of tech from Amanda Waller, although, it still doesn’t feel true to their comic book characters.

On a positive note, I do like that I could change between each character at any time. When I played through Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, I could only play as Peter Quill, so I like being able to switch between each character within the Suicide Squad. I know for a fact that I will be playing as Harley and King Shark the most.

The negative reaction was quick. In rewatching the gameplay video, I scrolled through comments and overwhelmingly, gamers are disappointed. It was recently announced that Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League was getting delayed due to the opinions of gamers online. I feel for Rocksteady. They set the bar so high that anything else they release will be heavily watched and critiqued. Gamers are a very opinionated group that only wants to see the Suicide Squad get the same love that Batman did in his games.

No matter what, I will be purchasing and playing Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. This game has been something that I have been looking forward to for a while. I’m trying to keep reasonable expectations as it’s clear that this will be a different direction than the previous games. I hope that this delay will only improve the game and make it better than it is today.

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