Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Cosplay – Status Update

February is a pretty quiet month in my life. It’s still pretty chilly in Minnesota, so I find myself cuddled indoors. Since I have more free time, I tend to devote more time to my hobbies. I wrote about trying to get back into cosplay, so I figured I’d share an update on where I’m at. I’m currently working on Harley Quinn and having everything put together.

[Image is a red dress hanging on a wall. The dress is red, poofy.]

The first essential part of Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad is the red dress. I ordered the red dress from Amazon from a company called Rubie’s. Rubie’s is a costume shop that sells on Amazon whether it’s a Halloween costume or costumes that can be used for cosplay. I have ordered many of Rubie’s costumes and they usually are pretty decent. I ordered a medium in the Harley Quinn red dress and it fits me perfectly! It’s a little loose-fitting, but I figured I could wear something underneath to help take up any extra space. The only thing I noticed when I tried on the dress is that the white layer underneath sometimes shows. I’m thinking I could buy a red tutu to wear underneath the dress to give the dress more volume.

[Image of a blond wig with two braids down the back. One braid is black and the other is red]

Besides the dress, the wig is another Harley Quinn essential. I bought this wig also from Amazon. The wig is comfortable to wear, but the two blonde parts of the wig are a little awkward. I might have to style the wig right before I wear it. Another thought I had was to tuck the ends of the blonde wig into the braid to make it more natural. The wig itself I think was worth the purchase as it seems like a good quality wig for the price. The only other thing that I have left to do is figure out the makeup. Harley Quinn’s makeup shouldn’t be too challenging, but I’m also not very makeup savvy. I’m going to watch a few makeup tutorials to get some ideas for Harley’s look.

I’m excited to put everything together! It’s been fun making cosplay more of a priority instead of a last-minute project.

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