Herding Llamas in Llamas Unleashed

[Image features a game called Llamas Unleashed. Towards the bottom of the game, there's a card displayed. It says "Baby Alpaca featuring a baby cartoon Alpaca with a pacifier.]

I’m always looking for simple board games to play in between my more complex games. I played Unstable Unicorns first and I loved the art on the cards and how easy it is to teach other people the game. I purchased a copy of Llamas Unleashed as Unstable Games / TeeTurtle were tabling at a convention I went to. I had the game on my shelf for about a year and a half before finally being able to play it on a game night. Llamas Unleashed is so simple, cute, and filled with dad jokes.

Llamas Unleashed and Unstable Unicorns are essentially the game. The goal of Llamas Unleashed is to have the most Llamas, Goats, Rams, or Alpacas in your stable while also sabotaging other players’ attempts to do this as well. Each turn, a player will draw a card, play a card and then pass it to the next player. There are animal cards that can be placed in a stable, magical animal card where there are special powers associated. There are upgrade cards to help your stable along with downgrade cards that can be played in another person’s stable. There’s a lot of variety of what can be done on each turn.

If you’re not a fan of dad jokes, you probably won’t enjoy this game. There are so many puns on all the cards. My uncle would laugh whenever he drew a new card because it was centered on some pun. I imagine what the writing table at Unstable Games would be like as they come up with the wording on the cards. That would be a fun business meeting to be a part of I’m sure. As mentioned, this is a simple game. It’s easy for me to explain the rules and for my friends to pick up on the game quickly. This would be a fun game to bring to a brewery because there aren’t a lot of setups required and it doesn’t take that long to play.

I would definitely play Llamas Unleashed again. The game is cute, easy to learn, and an overall relaxing game to play.

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