Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower

[Image is a PC game cover. There is a castle with a gate and entrance in the background. The game says "Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower". In between Nancy and Drew there is black figure of a young woman.]

For the past two weekends in a row, I have been able to devote time to playing through a Nancy Drew game. In general, most of the Nancy Drew games take me 4-5 hours to complete, so it’s been nice having that time to set toward each game. Playing Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower, this might be one of my least favorite Nancy Drew games I have played thus far.

Nancy is on a ski vacation in Wisconsin. As a side note, who goes to Wisconsin for skiing? This isn’t important to the game’s plot, but I thought it was kind of odd. Anyway, Nancy is snowed in her resort and is told that the library was broken into and vandalized. Additionally, Nancy is alerted to treasures and secrets in the tower which prompts her to investigate.

I mentioned how this was one of my least favorite Nancy Drew games that I have played. First of all, there isn’t a journal in this game. In my previous post, I mentioned how in some games, Nancy has her journal that tracks her tasks. This game doesn’t have this, so it was more for me to keep track of what Nancy had to complete or figure out. Another slightly annoying part of this game was the alarm clock. In some of the Nancy Drew games where Nancy is isolated in one location, she can only meet with certain characters at certain times. This means that Nancy has to go to her room, and set her alarm, so she can wake up and talk with the characters. I found myself spending much of the game navigating back to her room and setting her alarm. I found this to be repetitive and time-consuming. The final thing I wanted to add was how I found this game to be more boring than the other Nancy Drew games. Nancy was often doing errands for the characters instead of solving puzzles or playing mini-games. It felt like I was grinding through the tasks versus actually enjoying how the tasks came together.

There was one moment in the game when I couldn’t but laugh. Earlier on, Nancy finds fake passports in one of the character’s bags. Nancy brings it up to that character and that character laughs it off. That character ended up being the culprit. I laugh because if you were to find fake passports, that’s a red flag. It’s funny because in some Nancy Drew games, I end up predicting who the culprit is and this was one of them.

While Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower was okay, it still puts me closer to completing all the games. I have one more Nancy Drew game in my library before I have to buy the next bunch. As mentioned previously, all the Nancy Drew PC games can be purchased on Steam.

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