Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross

I’m finally out of my reading slump! I have been slowly finishing the multiple books I have started. As my reading habits have changed, I realized I can’t read numerous books at once. It ends up slowing me down. If I end up not liking a book or not getting into the book right away, I need to be better at putting it away and reading something else. With that being said, I credit Wolf Gone Wild as one of the books that helped me move out of my slump. Wolf Gone Wild is a fantasy romance centered on a witch trying to break a hex placed on a stubborn werewolf.

Evie Savoie is a hex breaker. Evie is one of the older sisters in her witch’s coven. Based in New Orleans, Evie and her family run a variety of businesses including a storefront and a bar. During a shift, she’s sought out by Mateo Cruz, a werewolf who’s been unable to change into his wolf and it’s causing him stress. Mateo has to constantly fight off his wolf persona on a daily basis which is interfering with his art commissions. Evie agrees to help Mateo which leads to them getting closer along with uncovering the mystery of who placed the hex on Mateo.

While Wolf Gone Wild is technically a romance, I felt that there were enough fantasy world-building elements within the story. Wolf Gone Wild introduces Evie’s family, along with how each of Evie’s sisters has a different specialty in their magical abilities. I liked that while the romance takes the center of the story, there were so many other interesting aspects that kept my attention throughout the book.

As far as the characters themselves, I liked Evie. She’s independent, she doesn’t take any bullshit from anyone and she has her own hobbies that keep her busy. She’s a comic fan and it’s shown through several scenes that she’s trying to make her own comic. I thought Mateo was an interesting character too, but I felt I didn’t know as much about him as I did with Evie.

While I liked reading Wolf Gone Wild, there were two things that I wasn’t a huge fan of personally. First, I felt this book was too long. I found myself reading a chapter and then not picking the book back up for another week. I’m not sure why because I love spooky books and stories featuring witches and witchcraft. Eventually, I set aside part of my weekend to fully finish Wolf Gone Wild which I’m glad I did, otherwise, I think I would still be reading through this slowly, but surely. Finally, there was a scene or two that had non-consent / pushing boundaries of consent. For some, they may find this to be hot, but that’s not for me. I ended up skimming this portion and I didn’t let it ruin the book for me.

I liked Wolf Gone Wild. It wasn’t my favorite book this year, but I’m glad I read it. I think Wolf Gone Wild sets up the series as the future romance books star Evie’s siblings. I want to read Jules’s story as she is the oldest sister and it’s hinted that she has a fling with a vampire. I rated Wolf Gone Wild four stars on Goodreads.

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