Bettie Page and Captain Carter – Comics I’m Loving

I have been in a little bit of a reading slump. I tried to read too many things at once which dragged me down. I’m getting through it slowly, but surely. While my reading has been a hit or a miss, I have been reading a lot of single-issue comics lately. I wanted to talk through a few series that I have loved reading this year.

Captain Carter – McKelvie, Cresta, and Arciniega

Captain Carter exists in a world where Peggy wakes up after being frozen instead of Steve. As she reenters the world, she works with S.T.R.I.K.E in Westminister, London. Peggy has been working on preventing potential terrorist attacks plotted by Hydra. As Peggy gets more involved, she realizes that there might be a double agent working amongst her team.

The best way to describe this Captain Carter comic series is if Captain America: The Winter Soldier starred Peggy instead of Steve. This feels like a James Bond or Bourne Identity comic series and I love it. Each issue is action-packed and there are several guest appearances by other Marvel heroes. Captain Carter is a limited five-issue series which I hope could be a full series later on because I loved it.

She-Hulk – Rowell, Maresca, and Renzi

She-Hulk left the Avengers and is starting over as an attorney in New York. She reunites with Jack of Hearts who she believed to be killed in a previous Avengers mission. Jack of Hearts doesn’t remember much and She-Hulk is committed to helping him figure out what happened to him along with getting his life back on track.

Reading the She-Hulk series, it feels like a continuation of the show. Rainbow Rowell does a great job at making Jen relatable to any young working professional. The covers of each issue are done by Jen Bartel and they are beautifully done. This series alone is worth buying to collect the covers. I would say if you weren’t a fan of the show, you may not like this series.

Bettie Page – Ani-Mia, Celor, Nurmalia, Mangual, and Idelson. Covers by Linsner, Burns, Roux, and Ani-Mia Cosplay.

Bettie Page is a pinup model who stars in her own comic series. Bettie is an academic and archeologist of sorts and she teams up with Sofia and Young-Ja to travel the world and find clues as to the locations of hidden artifacts.

This series is so fun to read about. I liked reading about Bettie and all the locations she travels to. She can hold her own when things get a little dicey. The story is simple and easy to understand. I don’t read a lot of comics from Dynamite, but now Bettie Page is a series I am keeping tabs on.

I always read a lot of comics throughout the year and it helps that I try to visit my local comic book store every other week. Let me know what comics you’re reading in the comments down below.

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