Overwatch 2 – First Thoughts

Overwatch 2 is finally out! It seems like there were several delays which surprises me since I felt the first Overwatch game was immensely popular. As soon as the game was released, I downloaded it on my husband’s Xbox Series X. After playing a few games, I wanted to share what I think of the game as it seems like fans of the series have some strong opinions.

To start off, I started playing Overwatch back in 2016 when my husband bought the game for me while we were in college. I played on and off throughout the years picking up Overwatch again during the pandemic. I have always been drawn to D.Va although I switched to Zarya in recent months and now Zarya is my go-to character whenever I play. I have been looking forward to playing Overwatch 2 as I had high hopes for the game along with seeing new maps and new characters being added.

Playing Overwatch 2 doesn’t feel like that different of a game. I was surprised because when I logged into play, I noticed that there were several characters locked. I had to play a few rounds to unlock some of my favorite characters and I’m not sure why that was needed? After some searching online, Blizzard locked some of the characters to help ease players into the game and without feeling overwhelmed. I was told by a friend of mine that this may be because my Blizzard account didn’t sync properly, so it’s having me start over by unlocking the characters. I’ll have to look into why that was the case to hopefully save me time. It’s interesting that Overwatch 2 decided to lock some of the characters. Overwatch does have a lot of characters to pick from, but I don’t see that as being an intimidating feature. I think it’s exposing players to various options and finding the character that best suits their playstyle.

As far as new characters, there were 3 new characters included upon release. I have only played Junker Queen so far and I could see myself playing as Junker Queen in future games. I guess I was picturing more new characters than just 3 on release.

In a general search of Overwatch 2, I’m seeing the common phrase “laziest sequel” being applied. I completely agree. For the length of time in releasing Overwatch 2, I’m surprised that it doesn’t feel any different from the first game. There was a lot of hype regarding Overwatch 2 and I can’t help but find myself a little let down considering what my expectations were and the reality of what the game actually is. I will still play it because Overwatch is a comforting game for me, but I wish I had more.

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