Cancelled Batgirl Movie – Thoughts

I love Batgirl. She’s one of my favorite superheroes in the DC Comics universe. Whether it was Barbara Gordon evolving into Oracle or Cassandra Cain, I loved the character. I was looking forward to the release of the Batgirl movie that we would finally see her big screen debut. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case as the Batgirl film was permanently shelved by Warner Bros. meaning the film will never be released in theaters or on streaming platforms.

When I first heard the news, my first thoughts were how badly I felt for the cast and crew. Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, and JK Simmons were all big names who put their time and effort into this movie. I think it’s easy to drift into the thought of “Why would you feel bad for the actors? They’re rich. They will be fine if this movie isn’t released”. I understand feeling this way, but they’re still human beings who put their time and effort into a project. I was excited to see Leslie Grace’s portrayal of the character. The fact that it won’t even be released on HBO Max is honestly so disappointing.

There are rumors going around that Batgirl didn’t do well in test screenings. If that were the case, it still isn’t a good enough reason to not release the film. I think back to Birds of Prey and that movie didn’t do as well commercially yet it’s still an all-time favorite for me. I probably would have still loved the movie even if it was a flawed film because of how much I love Batgirl as a character.

As a DC Comics fan, I feel Warner Bros. constantly lets down the fans. It’s tough to stay committed to the franchise when the movie universe is falling apart. I’m trying to remain unbiased and enjoy what I can. Peacemaker was such a great TV show, and Black Adam is being released in October. I truly hope that Batgirl can finally get the film that the character so rightfully deserves.

4 thoughts on “Cancelled Batgirl Movie – Thoughts

  1. From what I can gather, this had nothing to do with how well the film was going to do or how it tested. The company was struggling and wanted a tax cut, so they shelved several upcoming projects. Considering how they’re still clinging to The Flash when the star of it is wanted for various crimes, I don’t think WB cares about bad films. It’s only money they care about.


  2. I just read something that they are screening what film they have for cast, crew, and studio executives before “locking it up.” I don’t really understand that as it will only hiss off those who poured their souls into making it as good as they could…now knowing no one else is going to see it. It also sounds like in order for the studio to get an immediate tax write-down on the project, they might need to destroy the footage to prove they’ll make no future money off it and then get the entire tax break immediately. So, so bizarre as far along as this was production-wise to just toss it away.


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