My Favorite Roleplaying Memories

Zehiri & Hellish Rebuke

Last weekend I was playing Adventurer’s League with my Tiefling Paladin, Zehiri. This was the first game where Zehiri was a level #5 meaning she could attack twice. I had a blast being able to not only attack twice but incorporate a smite into one of my melee attacks for extra damage. As I reflected on the session, I realized I have had quite a few memorable roleplaying moments from various sessions I have played in. I wanted to share a few of my favorite roleplaying moments from various types of roleplaying games.

Using a Saxophone as a Weapon – Call of Cthulhu

I played in a one-shot Call of Cthulhu game where our characters were trapped in an “abandoned” asylum. Our characters had nothing as far as weapons, money, or accessories. Our group was investigating the music room before being attacked by supernatural beings. I asked our keeper (Call of Cthulhu terminology for a Dungeon Master) if there was a saxophone in the room. He agreed that there would be. I picked up the saxophone, slung it on my back, and prepared to use it as a club against these beings. It led to a fun conversation about how much damage could a saxophone carry and it led to our group escaping with our lives. It shows how roleplaying can bring out creativity between both the keeper and the players.

Hellish Rebuke – Takedown of an Ogre – Adventurer’s League

During one of our Adventurer’s League sessions, we were going to rescue hostages from some ogres. As I ran into battle, I was face to face with an ogre champion. She swung her club at me and dealt close to 20 damage. I was ready. I had Hellish Rebuke lined up. Hellish Rebuke is a reaction spell that forces the enemy to hit you to make a saving throw. No matter what, the opponent will take damage. The ogre failed her saving throw and I ended up rolling extremely well. This dealt the last remaining damage needed. One of the items the ogre had were the “Gauntlets of Ogre Power” which gives the wearer a strength score of 19. The group agreed that I could have the Gauntlets which have proven useful in future sessions.

Successfully Punching a Nazi – Call of Cthulhu

In this one-shot, our setting was in the 1940s when our characters were on a ship. As our group was investigating disappearances in the crew, I noticed a group of Nazis at the bar. I immediately beelined to them and told our keeper that I wanted to slap one of them. Everyone in our group didn’t think this would go well and was preparing to defend me if needed. I ended up rolling a critical success much to the keeper’s delight. I was able to slap a Nazi and get away with it.

As I was writing this post, I was flooded with memories of memorable sessions. I’m going to save a few of them for a potential part #2 post. I would love to know some of your most memorable roleplaying memories in the comments below.

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