True Crime Podcast Exposing a Crime – Fogline

I browse Kickstarter every now and then, usually in the graphic novel or comics section. I like how Kickstarter and other platforms have helped fund projects that may not have existed otherwise. In one scroll, I noticed the campaign for Fogline. Fogline immediately piqued my interest. The premise of a True Crime podcast exposing a crime that a man committed 40 years ago and seemingly got away with was enough for me to officially back the campaign. Fogline was everything I hoped for and reminded me to check Kickstarter more often.

Before I talk about the graphic novel, I wanted to comment on the way it was shipped. Fogline was packaged in this white envelope. The packaging made it seem that the book was “evidence” that was collected at a crime scene. How neat is this?? I was surprised by the attention to detail. I’m for sure planning on keeping the package as a way to store Fogline versus simply throwing it away.

Fogline focuses on Henry, a retired trucker living with his daughter and grandson. Henry wakes up from nightmares on a consistent basis. His dreams are always the same; he is on a shift and accidentally hits and kills a woman. Henry instead of calling the police drags her body into a cornfield and buries her. As Henry plays with his grandson, he discovers his grandson is listening to a True Crime podcast that’s investigating her disappearance. Apparently, she was the daughter of a mob boss, so her death lead to additional violence during the time period. Henry is horrified and realizes that maybe he should confess after all.

I love this whole concept. It feels so on point with the world today. Henry is experiencing major guilt, however, I was anxiously awaiting how he would be caught. The art is told entirely in black & white which I felt fit the style of the graphic novel. The only critique I would have is Fogline was much shorter than I anticipated. I wanted more story! I wanted to see more of Henry and this True Crime podcast. I felt the story was skimmed over. It could be due to the fact that there will be a second volume and they’re preparing the campaign now which I will happily back.

Fogline by Mario Candelaria had an interesting premise and I’m happy to have helped bring the project to life. I did a quick search and I don’t see that Fogline is available to those outside of the Kickstarter. I checked Mario’s website and I don’t see Fogline mentioned. It’s an important reminder to check Kickstarter because there are a lot of creative people out there making content that’s so worth investing in.

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