Southern Charm – Charleston and Savannah

In the last post of my Virginia/Carolinas road trip, I’m going to focus on Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. Charleston was our main destination and where we spent the majority of our trip. Savannah was our last stop since Savannah is only a two-hour drive from Charleston. This part of the US is stunning. Both cities are the perfect balance featuring Southern charm that’s rich with history.

Downtown Charleston – an beautiful park area.

Our first day in Charleston was walking around downtown. Charleston has so many parks. Each park seems to have a historic statue and the hanging moss trees often seen in the South. I could have easily brought my book and read for hours in a park. One of the tourist areas called the Battery is a sea wall that lines the coast. Without the Battery, Charleston would be underwater as the city is below sea level. Strolling along the Battery is the best way to see all the architecture. The houses are colorful and historically restored. My favorite part about Charleston was staying downtown, walking the parks, and eating a lot of great food.

The Battery.

Charleston is a historic city in the US. One of the historical sites me and my husband toured was Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter was attacked which led to the beginning of the Civil War in 1861. It was a thirty-minute ferry ride and we only had an hour on the Fort. It felt rushed as there was so much reading. I felt I had to skim a lot of it. There’s also Fort Moultrie which played a big part in the Revolutionary war. I’m all for going to a museum while on vacation and Charleston has plenty.

Fort Sumter

After spending three days in Charleston, we drove to Savannah. Savannah is a city right along the river. Savannah is a city that had the best shopping. There were several blocks of shops with red brick sidewalks and a Gazebo in the center. There was music playing, restaurants lined the sidewalks, and various tourist activities. The first thing I wanted to do was the Prohibition Museum. The Prohibition Museum is downtown and it’s one of the few museums in the US that’s solely devoted to Prohibition.

Display of a protest against alcohol “Bread not Beer” “Liquor is a Curse”

Part of the significance of the Prohibition Museum existing in Savannah was Savannah was one of the last Georgia cities that was heavily resisting Prohibition. The museum featured several displays, old articles, and a video on how to make Moonshine. Included in our museum tickets was a cocktail at the Speakeasy located inside. We felt so bad because there was a huge line with only one bartender. He was awesome and I was able to Venmo a tip. I had a Gin cocktail which was so strong! I didn’t mind because I like Gin. My husband had a Gin cocktail with champagne, so it tasted sweeter.

After the Prohibition museum, me and my husband stopped at a brewery along with visiting a comic book store called Nerdheim. I spent about $150 on comics and I have no shame. After comic book shopping, we strolled along the Savannah riverfront stopping for a beer or two. Finally, we ended our day by grabbing dinner before going to bed early to begin our drive back home.

This was an amazing road trip. Driving through the Virginias and the Carolinas was one of the most scenic road trips I have ever taken. Both me and my husband want to go back to visit Charleston, West Virginia, Asheville, North Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia as we felt we could have spent more time there. As far as future trips, I mentioned a potential Arizona Memorial Weekend trip, however, I decided against this. My husband wants to start house hunting soon, and I want to save for a trip to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con in August.

Have you traveled anywhere recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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