Doctor Who Fluxx

I haven’t played board games in such a long time! I used to play board games regularly whether it be with friends or with family. Thankfully, I was able to join a family board game night last weekend. As we discussed what we should play, it was decided to give Doctor Who Fluxx a shot. I have never played a Fluxx game before trying out Doctor Who Fluxx. Doctor Who Fluxx was so easy to learn and was incredibly quick to play.

The basis of Fluxx is the rules and the objective to win are included within the cards. To win a game, a player must meet the goal. There are different goal cards included in the deck that can be drawn and played. Besides goal cards, there are rule cards that will change the rules of that particular round. This can include increasing or decreasing maximum hand size, altering the number of cards drawn per turn, and changing the number of cards that can be played on one turn. There are keeper cards that are played in front of the table along with action cards which allow for shenanigans to occur.

Since this was Doctor Who Fluxx, the cards are emphasized with characters, themes, and language from Doctor Who. The keeper cards could be the various doctors or companions. My personal favorite was the Ponds as I ended up winning one round by having a Tardis and the Ponds as keepers on my board. There were creeper cards that were memorable Doctor Who antagonists such as Daleks, Cybermen, and the Weeping Angels. As I was playing through Doctor Who Fluxx, it reminded me that I’m due for a Doctor Who re-watch soon.

Doctor Who Fluxx is the perfect brewery, or picnic table game. It’s easy to teach someone else how to play, it’s quick, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room on a table. I’m tempted to order my copy to have on hand. Doctor Who Fluxx can be purchased at your local game store or anywhere where games are sold.

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