Controllers & Coffee BizarreBrunette Gaming Update #4

It’s March! This means spring is right around the corner. I tend to do most of my gaming in winter as there’s not a whole lot going on otherwise. I’m looking forward to writing these gaming updates to keep me on track for gaming throughout spring. I wanted to spring into my latest gaming update.


I’m currently playing through Far Cry 5 on my PS4. Far Cry 5 takes place in the Montana plains and focuses on the main character taking on a cult. This cult is bonkers and I have no shame overtaking an outpost to help the resistance. Far Cry 5 makes me want to visit Montana as the world is so pretty.

In my last update, I mention playing Animal Crossing. I’m in another lull, I don’t think I played at all through the month of February. I have so much to do with my island, so I do want to get back into playing on a regular basis.


I had some issues with loading Steam. Thanks to a quick Google search, I was able to fix the issue I was having. I started playing Coffee Talk. Coffee Talk is a visual novel about a coffee shop owner who sees a variety of supernatural customers coming to order coffee. This feels like if D&D took place in a coffee shop, that’s what Coffee Talk reminds me of. I’m liking it so far! During the week, I tend to not want to play a video game that requires too much effort, so Coffee Talk and Animal Crossing are a perfect fit to play after work.

I still have Nancy Drew Warnings at Waverly Academy to complete. I haven’t had any desire to play the Nancy Drew PC games. If I’m feeling it, I might return to the game this month.

Board Games

For my mom’s birthday, we played a few games at my apartment. Me and my brother taught my mom Exploding Kittens and she loved it! She wanted my brother to buy a copy of the game. My mom has been getting into board games more which is fun to see. She likes simple games, nothing too complicated. Exploding Kittens is a great game for those who like simplicity, but also games that don’t take hours to play.


Curse of Strahd is still ongoing and fun. In one of our latest sessions, our barbarian got bit by a vampire and fortunately, I rolled high on a blood hunter check, so we were able to prevent him from being turned. Our group still has no process if we get bit by vampires, so that’s something we have to figure out or we won’t last through this campaign. I’m playing at Bad Wolf Adventure Studios and once Curse of Strahd is complete, I do plan on hopping into another campaign as I think Bad Wolf does a great job at professional DMing.

Tomorrow I’m playing in Adventurer’s League with Zehiri, my Tiefling Paladin. She’s the character I reserve for Adventurer’s League sessions. I haven’t played Adventurer’s League since December, so I’m excited to play.


For gaming news, the new Pokemon starters have been released. I’m partial to Sprigatito because it’s a grass cat! As a cat person, I’m happy. However, Fuecoco is growing on me. He’s a cute fire gator. While I think Quaxly is adorable, I think Sprigatito and Fuecoco have grown on me. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are set to release late this year on the Switch.

My goal for March is to get farther into Far Cry 5, complete Coffee Talk, and level up Zehiri in Adventurer’s League. Let me know in the comments what you’re playing through.

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