D&D, Peacemaker, and Superheroes – Comic Reviews!

I’m usually on top of posting my book reviews on a timely basis. However, I sometimes forget to write about the comics I’m reading. Since starting a pull list last year, I have been reading more single issues than ever before. I wanted to share what comics I have been reading and what I have been enjoying so far.

The Last Session Issues #1 & #2 – Mad Cave

Jasmine Walls, Dozerdraws, Michah Meyers, Michael Moccio, and David Reyes.

The Last Session follows five friends who met at an LGBTQIA+ high school club. During their club meetings, they launched a long-term D&D campaign. The friends are now in college and have decided to resume their campaign.

I love everything about this series! I like how the friends are still good friends after all this time and how D&D has become a big part of their friendship. I like how the issue flashes between the campaign and their real life. I think this comic series does a great job at highlighting the insecurity they face as they are unsure of the direction of their lives. As someone who graduated college five years ago, I still find that I can relate to a few of the characters in this comic. I rated The Last Session five stars on Goodreads.

Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl – Space Between

Pat Shand, Roberta Ingranata, Carola Borelli, and Jim Campbell

Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl follows Emmy, a cynical Vampire who’s finding herself a bit bored with life. Her relationships have never lasted partly due to outliving her partner. As she lives her mundane life, she meets Annabelle, the garbage girl who collects her trash twice a week. Emmy invites Annabelle on a date and they start to bond over shared supernatural lived experiences.

This was a quick read! This graphic novel was a lot shorter than I expected it to be. There didn’t seem to be much of a plot to this as it was more following Emmy and Annabelle on their adventures. I wish this was longer as I felt there wasn’t enough material to connect to both Emmy and Annabelle as characters. I rated Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl four stars on Goodreads.

The Death of Doctor Strange Blade #1 – Marvel

Danny Lore, Dylan Burnett, Mike Spicer, and Travis Lanham.

The Death of Doctor Strange Blade is Marvel’s latest crossover where Doctor Strange is murdered leaving a cataclysm of events on Earth. This includes releasing vampires who were otherwise imprisoned. Blade being the vampire hunter that he is, is displeased and serves as Dracula’s bodyguard.

It seems fitting that Marvel’s latest event is Doctor Strange themed since the movie is being released this year. As someone who’s a fan of Blade as a character, I thought this was a blast. The art is vibrant, the story moves along at a good clip, and I’m curious to see how Blade will move through this crossover. I rated Blade #1 four stars on Goodreads.

Peacemaker Disturbing the Peace – DC Comics

Garth Ennis, Garry Brown, and Lee Loughridge

Peacemaker Disturbing the Peace follows Peacemaker aka. Christopher Smith as he’s being interviewed by a therapist. Christopher goes into his story about why he cares so much about peace and his military experience. It’s clear Christopher is being examined for some sort of assignment, but it’s not disclosed what that assignment is.

I liked this series, however, with the success of the Peacemaker show, I prefer how the show portrays Peacemaker versus this series. With Garth Ennis attached, this series was gory which I think fits the character. There isn’t a whole lot going on in this issue as it’s clearly meant to be an origin story for those unfamiliar with Peacemaker as a character. I rated Peacemaker Disturbing the Peace three stars on Goodreads.

Hawkeye Kate Bishop #1-3 – Marvel

Marieke Nijkamp, Enid Balam, Oren Junior, and Brittany Peer

Hawkeye Kate Bishop stars Kate who’s living in LA taking on bad guys. Kate is invited to a Hamptons resort by a mysterious guest. Kate realizes that her older sister Susan invited Kate to help her find a missing ring. While the resort is beautiful, it’s clear there is something more sinister going on.

This series is okay. I’m finding that each issue seems to follow the exact same setup. Kate goes into investigation mode, she brings Susan, Kate beats up a bunch of bad guys and more bad guys arrive leading to a cliffhanger into the next issue. I do plan on finishing this story arc to see if this is a series I plan on continuing with. As of now, I’m not super invested in this. I rated Hawkeye Kate Bishop three stars on Goodreads.

If you thought this was a lot of comics, I still have a small pile on my nightstand. It helps that I carve time every Saturday morning to read comics before I start my day. I do want to prioritize writing more comic reviews, so there will be more to come! Let me know in the comments what comics you’re reading right now.

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