SQUARE ENIX Redeems Themselves in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

SQUARE ENIX had a rough start with their superhero games. I reviewed Marvel’s Avengers at the end of 2020 and it was such a letdown. I was adamant that I didn’t want anything to do with SQUARE ENIX and superhero video games. Last year, SQUARE ENIX released Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and I was astonished to hear the game was getting rave reviews with Google stating 95% liked the game. While I was apprehensive, I figured if other gamers liked the game, it can’t be that bad. It certainly couldn’t be worse than Marvel’s Avengers. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was an entertaining space saga that I would absolutely re-play.

The game opens with Star-Lord aka. Peter Quill leading the Guardians to collect items to hopefully sell and gain credits. As the Guardians explore, Peter stumbles upon a yellow stone and much to Peter’s immature personality, he uses the stone to accidentally release an alien into space. As the Guardians flee, they are captured by Nova Corp and forced to pay a fine for illegal contraband. Once the Guardians have the credits to pay their fine, they head back to Nova Corp and clearly, something is wrong. Nova Corp seems corrupted and they viciously attack the Guardians. It’s clear that whatever Peter released is setting off a chain of events that could lead to the entire galaxy being mind-controlled. The Guardians of the Galaxy are ready to take on this all-encompassing alien being.

To start off, I like the look of the Guardians. Peter is sporting a buzz mohawk of sorts which I think fits in with his persona. Do I dare say that I prefer Star-Lord in the game to Chris Pratt’s film version? Star-Lord is the only playable character, yet since he’s the leader, I can use him to direct the other Guardians to attack. Another fun way this game uses the Guardians is through a huddle. A pink meter is filled as the Guardians unleash their attacks and once the meter is filled, Star-Lord can call for a huddle. As the Guardians express their thoughts, Star-Lord can give an enticing speech. If done correctly, the Guardians are given temporary health protection. In addition, 80s music is played once a huddle is completed. Nothing creates more energy during a tough combat sequence than 80s music playing throughout. This was a great way to incorporate the energy of the Guardians in their own video game.

Another intriguing aspect of the game was allowing for choices. For example, in one chapter, the Guardians come up with a plan to scam Lady Hellbender by pretending to sell one of their own. The player can choose whether to pretend to sell Groot or Rocket. I chose Rocket. Since I made this choice, the plan ended up failing and I ended up having to fight my way out. However, if I would have chosen Groot, the plan would have worked, therefore it would have eliminated the need for combat. While most of the choices are harmless, the choices the player makes can allow for galactic assistance throughout the tougher chapters. I thought it was a neat idea to include something like this in a superhero game.

Throughout the chapters, there are various collectibles, gear, and character outfits to collect. As a completionist, I do plan on going through the game again and collecting everything I missed. My personal favorite is the outfits because as they are unlocked, it’s shown which comics displayed that particular character’s outfit. As someone who hasn’t read many Guardians of the Galaxy comics, I liked learning more about each outfit and storyline the outfit corresponds with.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a surprisingly well-made game. I was not expecting SQUARE ENIX to do a great job as their track record isn’t great. I’m happy to say that this game is so worth playing. I’d rate Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 9/10.

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