Avocado Breakfast Sandwich & Coffee – Valentine’s Day 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! While Valentine’s Day means a lot for some, I personally don’t care much for the day itself. I think there’s a lot of stigmas still with those who don’t have a romantic partner, and I think that sucks. Happiness doesn’t equate to being in love or with someone romantically. Galentine’s Day is helping to normalize being single, but the stigma still exists. Me and my husband don’t create huge Valentine’s Day plans as a result, however, we still had a date day to ourselves.

My and my husband celebrated Valentine’s Day a day early because we didn’t feel like going out today. We made reservations at Hope Breakfast Bar in St. Paul. Hope Breakfast Bar is a brunch spot that took over an old fire station. I prefer a savory breakfast as opposed to sweet, so I ordered a spicy bagel and avocado breakfast sandwich while my husband ordered Pina Colada french toast. Here’s the weird thing, my husband’s french toast had cotton candy on the side. Cotton Candy?? Why would you have Cotton Candy underneath french toast? My husband swears the menu didn’t list this, otherwise my husband would have asked to leave it off. We joked about how funny it would be to order and say “can you please not put cotton candy on mine, thanks”. I would definitely come back to Hope Breakfast Bar especially because of all the breakfast options I’d like to try.

After breakfast, we drove to Nina’s Coffee Cafe. Nina’s is also located in St. Paul near the Cathedral. As a side note, St. Paul is a city with beautiful architecture and restored homes. Nina’s is in this beautiful red preserved building. I ordered their special called the Love Potion which was a latte with Oat Milk topped with a dusting of sugar and cardamon. My husband ordered his usual iced mocha with dark chocolate. We took our coffee and drove home, so we could have a lazy afternoon before the Superbowl.

Me and my husband like to exchange small gifts for Valentine’s Day. I bought my husband a Peacemaker pop Funko since he loves the show on HBO Max. I received three mini candles with assorted scents along with a pack of Oreos.

While I’m not big on Valentine’s Day, this was such a chill way to celebrate the day. I’m all for drinking coffee and eating breakfast food.

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