Seeing NADDPOD Live!

Late last year, I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw that NADDPOD had listed tickets for their live show for Minneapolis. I was ecstatic! Minneapolis can sometimes get skipped over as Chicago is the bigger Midwestern city. After confirming that NADDPOD would be in Minneapolis, I immediately purchased tickets. Originally, I was going by myself because I didn’t know anyone else who listened to the podcast. My husband offered to come with me even though he hasn’t listened to NADDPOD, so I didn’t have to attend by myself. He’s so sweet. I will say as a disclaimer that I think we should normalize going to events or doing activities by ourselves. I’m so happy I was able to see NADDPOD live.

Insta story picture (b/c I’m the worst at taking pictures)

To start off, NADDPOD is a D&D podcast. There have been two campaigns so far with a third on the way. Their most memorable campaign was Bahumia, DMed by Brian Murphy. The campaign centers on three characters: Moonshine Cybin (played by Emily Axford), Hardwon Surefoot (played by Jake Hurwitz), and Beverly Toegold V (played by Caldwell Tanner). I credit NADDPOD as an influence in getting into D&D.

Each NADDPOD live show is a one-shot centered around their characters in Bahumia. In this show, the characters were competing on a Bahumia version of the reality TV show, Survivor. The show featured several funny moments where the characters and the NPCs were gossiping about who to vote off the show. Additionally, the characters participate in Survivor-like challenges involving dice rolling. While this is meant to be a light-hearted show, there were some dice rolls that put me on edge. One example is when Hardwon was the one of two left in a challenge. The crowd was rooting for Hardwon to get immunity in the challenge, which he did.

The show started at 7 PM, and the show ended close to 9 PM. I thought that was perfect because sometimes D&D podcast episodes can get long. It’s rare that I listen to one NADDPOD episode in one sitting, so I’m glad that their show wasn’t longer than two hours.

I’m so glad I went to the NADDPOD live show! I’d definitely go again if they ever visit Minneapolis, otherwise, I’m open to traveling to another state to see their show too as I’m a big fan.

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