My Graphic Novel Backlog

I always have a graphic novel backlog. I tend to purchase graphic novels at conventions, or through backed campaigns on Kickstarter. Otherwise, whenever I travel, I like to stop at a local comic book store. As such, my pile has grown to the point that my kitty likes to sit on my pile as she has claimed it as a mini throne for her. I wanted to share my backlog and I hope to tackle it in 2022.

Teen Titans Beast Boy by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo

I was so excited to meet Kami Garcia at C2E2 this year! She was so nice and she commented on the Captain Marvel cosplay I was wearing. I read Teen Titans Raven a year or two ago and I loved it! I knew I had to purchase Beast Boy while I was at C2E2 and now I have a signed copy. Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo’s Teen Titans series are a young adult telling of each member of the Teen Titans with this one focusing on Beast Boy.

The Weatherman by Jody LeHeup, Nathan Fox, and Dave Stewart

I picked up the first volume of The Weatherman at Comix Experience in San Francisco. Nathan Bright is a TV reporter on Mars. He’s successful, he loves his job, and is supported by his girlfriend and dog. Unfortunately, his success doesn’t last long when Nathan is accused of a terrorist attack against planet Earth. Nathan cannot remember what happened, yet he’s being chased across the entire galaxy to be punished for a crime he couldn’t possibly commit.

Critical Role Vox Machina Origins by Matthew Mercer, Olivia Samson, Matthew Colville and Chris Northrop.

It should be no surprise to anyone that I picked up a Critical Role graphic novel. I’m almost halfway through the Vox Machina campaign and I’m fully invested in the lore of the campaign. I’m a sucker for anything Critical Role related including graphic novels. I was waiting to finish campaign #1 first before reading this because that’s probably when I would want more Vox Machina content if I’m not ready to let campaign #1 go.

The Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra

The Manhattan Projects is such a weird series, yet I still find myself enjoying it. The Manhattan Projects is a science fiction re-telling of the Manhattan Projects, the project that founded the Atomic Bombs used in WWII. To give an idea as to how quirky this series truly is, an A.I. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is guiding the scientists along with Harry Daghlian, a scientist whose skull is encased in this green and black liquid. Harry Daghlian was a real scientist on the Manhattan Projects, unfortunately, he was killed in an experiment hence his character is illustrated the way he is in the series. I like that this series is based on real-life events along with how these events have shaped the science fiction aspects of the series.

Plume by K Lynn Smith

Plume originally started as a webcomic in 2011 written and illustrated by K Lynn Smith. I was introduced to K Lynn Smith through her Kickstarter series, For Goodness Sake. I met K Lynn Smith at Planet Comic-Con and she had her physical volumes of Plume on sale. From reading the back of Plume, this series takes place in the Wild West and has supernatural elements to it. I’m excited to read it!

For Goodness Sake Volumes #2 and #3 by K Lynn Smith

I read the first volume of For Goodness Sake last year and missed the Kickstarter campaign for book #2. I was bummed! Fortunately, K Lynn Smith had the Kickstarter campaign for her third book, and I was able to pick up book #2 as an additional reward in the campaign. For Goodness Sake stars Rayne, a woman who renovated a bus and travels around the US with her canine companion, Copilot. Rayne meets Thatcher, a cursed individual who looks a bit like a devil. Rayne has agreed to help Thatcher relieve his curse as they travel around together. As someone who’s a fan of road trips, this series hits everything that I love reading about.

I have so much to read! It’s a great feeling, yet a bit overwhelming at the same time especially because this doesn’t include any of the single-issue comics I have on my nightstand. 2022 will be a great reading year.

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