Controllers & Coffee – BizarreBrunette Gaming Update #1

I wanted to create a new series on BizarreBrunette that serves as a gaming update. I can talk about what I’m currently playing, if I played any new board games recently or if I have any new roleplaying stories to talk about. Gaming is a big hobby of mine and now that the wedding and our mini-moon trip are over, I have free time to devote to gaming. I didn’t know what to call this, so I ended up naming this “Controllers & Coffee” I found this fitting because I usually write my posts while drinking my morning coffee. I may end up changing the title as I continue this series, but for now, this will stick. I have five categories in this update, they are as follows: Consoles, PC, Board games, Roleplaying, and Miscellaneous. I feel these sections encompass my gaming interests, however, these are subject to change if I find I’m missing something. Let’s get into the latest “Controllers & Coffee” gaming update.


I’m currently playing through Lego Harry Potter. I finally 100% Years 1-4, so I have moved on to Years 5-7. I went through a gaming slump, and Lego Harry Potter pulled me out. Playing through a Lego game has been stress relieving. If I had a tough day at work, I can play through a game that doesn’t require my whole attention span. It’s worked for me and I plan on unlocking all the trophies in Years 5-7 as well before moving onto the next game on my PS4.

Originally, I said I would play Far Cry 5 next. However, I saw an advertisement for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. The reviews have been excellent. I’m skeptical because Marvel’s Avenger’s was mediocre. I’m a sucker for Superhero games, so Square Enix drew me in. I’m planning on playing through Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy followed by Far Cry 5.

Finally, I bought Super Mario 3D World Bowser’s Fury. I wanted to get back into playing my Nintendo Switch, so I figured a new game would help. I have been taking a break from Animal Crossing as it got a bit too repetitive. I want to get back into it, but I still need a break. Super Mario 3D World has been a blast, especially due to utilizing the cat power-up.


I had been playing the older Nancy Drew PC games. The last two Nancy Drew games were more frustrating to get through, so I ended up staying away from them. The Nancy Drew games are older and as such some of the graphics could be updated. In one game, I was lost in a series of underground corridors and each corridor looked exactly the same. I couldn’t figure out how to get to the end. I do want to go back to the Nancy Drew games, but not right now.

In Minnesota, we recently had our first snowfall. In Winter, I find myself gravitating towards playing Sims. While everyone is playing Sims 4, I’m still playing through Sims 3. I missed out on Sims 3 as most of the expansions released while I was in college. I like how Sims 3 has achievements, so it allows me to come up with my own Sims challenge to keep me entertained. I have one challenge of having one Sim completing all six degrees, while another Sim is trying to become a celebrity psychic from the Supernatural expansion. Setting challenges makes playing the Sims more upbeat and less mundane.

Board Games

I don’t have any new updates as far as board games. The last board gaming event was when I cracked open Mysterium. I hope to schedule a board gaming day sometime soon.


Currently, I’m not in any active campaigns. I did join a Vampire the Masquerade campaign in summer, but due to wedding-related planning, I had to miss several sessions. The DM was understanding. In my absence, I found the other players in the campaign didn’t show any interest in continuing, so the DM told me the campaign was permanently on-hold. Roleplaying can be challenging to schedule, so I understand that this can sometimes happen. I’m optimistic in finding a new campaign to join.

Next year, my goal is to gather my friends into creating a campaign. In 2019, we were roleplaying at least once a month which got disrupted with the Covid pandemic. I want to pick up a 5e rulebook and teach myself how to DM.

To keep my love of roleplaying alive, I have been watching the first campaign of Critical Role while also watching the new episodes of their third campaign. I discussed this already, but I also purchased tickets to the NADDPOD live show in January next year.


The newest Magic: the Gathering set Crimson Vow is out. This set is centered on Innistrad, a spookier Magic: the Gathering plane. In Magic, the worlds are described as planes and each set takes place on one of these planes. The lore behind Crimson Vow features a Vampire wedding, so many of the creature cards in this set will be Vampires. I will forever be a casual Magic player. I don’t see myself entering tournaments as I’m not competitive enough to do well. I do find myself gravitating towards Magic: The Gathering Arena as it’s easy to play and I don’t have to deal with any negative players. I’m not sure if I will get back to in-person pre-releases as my experiences have been a mix of positive and negative in-person gameplay. I’m going to try and play Crimson Vow on Arena.

For “Controllers & Coffee” I want to write a post at least once a month or ideally every other week. Gaming is a hobby I put on the backburner, but now I want to get back into regular gaming. I’m looking forward to what games I can play through from now until the end of the year.

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