Hiking Hills in San Fran

My “mini-moon” series is coming to an end. My first post was focused on the day trip to Disney, my second post was dedicated to LA, and now I’m writing about visiting San Francisco. While planning this trip, I didn’t know much about San Fran. I knew the Golden Gate Bridge was in San Fran, and there were hilly streets, but that was about it. My husband was adamant about spending a majority of our trip in San Fran and I was okay with that. Exploring San Fran was one of the highlights of our trip.

One of the first impressions that I had about San Fran was how walkable of a city it was. Me and my husband walked to a different coffee shop every day to get breakfast and relax before beginning our day. Our first day in San Fran included walking to the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building is a historic building in San Fran right along the pier. Inside, there were various coffee shops, cafes, and a bookstore. After the Ferry Building, we took an uber to see the houses in Full House. I never got into watching Full House when it aired in the 90s, so while I liked seeing the houses, I wasn’t blown away either. The houses themselves are neat because it fits into San Fran’s aesthetic with the hills and the houses planted on them. Now that I have seen them, I wouldn’t go see them again.

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is going to a local comicbook store and/or game store. After seeing the houses, we walked to a nearby comic book store with a neighboring game store. Comix Experience was the comic book store we visited. It was small shop with a surprisingly big selection of graphic novels. There was a labeled section for comics written by women along with a LGBTQIA+ section. I ended up purchasing the first volume of The Weatherman which I had my eye on for a while. After stopping by Comix Experience, we went to Gamescape which was right next door. This was a game store with a huge board game selection and specialized table for painting minis. I was running out of room in my suitcase, so I only purchased dice. Supporting local stores is incredibly important to me, so I wanted to make a purchase at both stores.

As we explored the various parts of San Fran, we stumbled upon a small museum highlighting cartoons. The Cartoon Art Museum is located near Fisherman’s Wharf and highlights the history of animation and comic art. While me and my husband were there, they had an exhibit about the history of Wonder Woman. There were several older Wonder Woman comics on display along with a prop from the Wonder Woman films. After pursuing the museum, me and my husband made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is massive and it’s incredible that it has existed for so long. We walked the 1.7 miles on the bridge before finally settling on having a celebratory beer at a brewery.

On our final day in San Fran, my husband wanted to go to Alcatraz. Alcatraz is on an island, so we had to purchase our exhibit tickets which included the ferry to get there. Alcatraz was an infamous prison until it was shut down by Robert F. Kennedy in the 60’s because it was too expensive to maintain. Since then, Alcatraz has been historically restored and has become an exhibit to explore. When me and my husband arrived, we were handed a remote that had an audio tour. The audio tour was well worth it. It was easy to follow, and highlighted the experience of both the prisoners and the wardens. Visiting Alcatraz is something I would recommend while visiting San Fran.

I’m glad that me and my husband were able to go on a trip to celebrate our marriage. Europe is still the long-term honeymoon trip, although California allowed us to get away and became our first trip as a married couple. If you have ever been to LA, San Fran or California in general, I’d love to know how your trip went and what your thoughts were about these cities. Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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