Ain’t Slayed Nobody – Call of Cthulhu Podcast

I go through phases when I listen to podcasts. Sometimes, I listen to podcasts daily or I go months without listening to a single episode. I’m in a phase where I haven’t been listening to podcasts as frequently as I used to. When I drove home from Kansas City, I found myself getting bored by listening to the same music. Instead of listening to music, I decided to get caught up on one of the most entertaining DnD roleplaying podcasts, Ain’t Slayed Nobody. Ain’t Slayed Nobody kept me on the edge of my seat while I drove through Iowa which is quite the achievement. I actually got to the point in my drive where I didn’t want to get home because of this podcast.

Ain’t Slayed Nobody is a Call of Cthulhu podcast. Ain’t Slayed Nobody takes place in the Wild West in the 1800s. There are five characters within this game: Sheriff Ellie Bishop (played by Alex McDaniel), Outlaw Lance Kilkenny (played by Jay Arnold), Priest Father Flint Westwater (played by Brandon Wainerdi), Miner Jeremiah Fensworth (played by Wes Davis), and Nomadic Drifter Johnny Rhodes (played by Chuck). The centered story arc is solving the murder of Ellie’s father. As the investigation continues, the group stumbles upon several bizarre incidents that test their sanity.

Ain’t Slayed Nobody does a brilliant job at storytelling. Immediately after listening to episode #1, I was hooked. The episodes often end on cliffhangers meaning I’m forced to wait until the next episode airs to find out what happens. As I listen to each episode, I feel like I’m in the Wild West with the characters as they learn more about each other. Eventually, Ellie does realize what happened to her father which leads to a shocking twist I didn’t see coming.

With the characters, it’s tough for me to pick a favorite. Jay’s Irish accent attached to Lance is so well done. Jeremiah is another fan favorite with his one-liners including “I’m going to turn his femur into mist”. Wes attaches an accent to Jeremiah as well which helps solidify his character. I’m listening to the season finale of Ain’t Slayed Nobody and it’s clear there are major character deaths. Out of all the roleplaying podcasts I have listened to, Ain’t Slayed Nobody feels like there are actual stakes. These characters could become insane, die a painful death or have another horrific event happen to them.

Listening to a role-playing podcast, the keeper or the dungeon master can make or break a podcast. For Aint Slayed Nobody, cuppycup is the keeper and he does a great job narrating the podcast. He speaks clearly into the mic along with talking at a steady speed. He doesn’t talk too quickly, so I never felt myself not being able to follow the story.

Ain’t Slayed Nobody made driving through Iowa fun which is not something I thought I would say. The last episode in the first arc is releasing on Tuesday, August 31st, and I have never been more excited for a podcast episode to air.

6 thoughts on “Ain’t Slayed Nobody – Call of Cthulhu Podcast

    • I also find it difficult to get into podcasts. I find I get bored easily if a podcast is longer than an hour. That’s why I like DnD podcasts because it feels like I’m listening to a story.

      Let me know what you think of Ain’t Slayed!


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