My TV Watch List

I have a bad habit when it comes to watching TV. I can’t make up my mind on what I want to watch and I watch multiple TV shows at once. I start shows before I finish watching them. I’m currently watching six different shows on four different streaming platforms. My goal would be to finish what I have started before watching another show. I wanted to share what I’m juggling through watching and my goals for what I want to watch next.


Critical Role

I have talked about Critical Role multiple times. I’m surprised at how invested I am in this campaign. I’m still on campaign #1 Vox Machina. I’m on episode #26 during the Briarwood Arc. Many fans of Critical Role started watching campaign #2 Mighty Nein, however, I’m a completionist. I wanted to start from the beginning to see how Critical Role has developed into the popular series it is today. I have become a big fan of this series and how each character serves a purpose in the group. I would love to finish campaign #1 by the end of 2021, although with each episode being 3-4 hours long, I’m not sure if I will accomplish this.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I have tried to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars multiple times but never got past the first season. This time, my fiance agreed to watch with me. I’m happy I tried to re-watch this series again because now that I’m in the middle of season #2, I’m enjoying this show. I found season #1 to be slow to watch. Me and my fiance are in the Mand’alor story arc which plays nicely into The Mandalorian. This is another series I hope to complete by the end of 2021.

X-Men Animated Series

Earlier in the year, I started watching the X-Men animated series from the ’90s. I’m loving this series! It’s rejuvenated my love for the X-Men. I’m still in season #1 when Cable has been introduced. My favorite characters have to be Jean, Storm, or Gambit. I’m excited to keep watching especially because the Dark Phoenix story arc appears later on in the show. I’m inspired to reach more X-Men comics since I have started watching this show. I’m excited to finish this series.



I started watching Scandal back while I was still in college. I ended up getting to season #5 before moving on to another show. With Scandal off the air, I was determined to finish the show. Similar to my first time watching the show, I watched seasons 1-4 quickly and I’m stuck on season #5. If I don’t get through season #5 by the end of 2021, I will call it a loss and say that I lost interest in this show and be done with it.



Hollywood is a series created by Ryan Murphy detailing the drama of Hollywood in the 1950s. I was looking for something steamy to watch and Netflix recommended this series. This didn’t disappoint and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Schitt$ Creek

This show doesn’t need an introduction. Almost everyone I know has watched this series and raved about it! When I was visiting a friend, she put on the first season. I don’t have anything to add. This series is phenomenal. The humor is witty especially when it comes to Moira and David. I’m struggling to watch this because I’m not in the mood for a sitcom of sorts. Eventually, my friend is going to give me shit for not finishing this show, so I do need to finish this.

Those are all the shows I’m watching! My goal would be to cut down on all the shows I’m watching by not starting anything new and finishing the shows I’m on. Once I cut down on the shows I’m watching, I can finally use my Funimation subscription and add anime to my watchlist.

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