Mid-Year Comic Freak Out Tag

I have seen the Mid-Year Book Tag floating around the internet both on blogs and Youtube videos. I wanted to shake it up because this year I have read so many comics. Having a pull list has created an obligation to go to a comic book store at least twice a month. This is my take on the “Mid-Year Book Tag” except with comics instead.

Best Comic I’ve Read So Far in 2021

Earlier in 2021, Marvel had launched their King in Black crossover event. This teams up the Marvel heroes to battle Knull, the god of the symbiotes. I had several series I was interested in, but none captured my attention like Black Cat. Each issue was equally entertaining and action-packed. Black Cat has quickly become one of my favorite Marvel heroes to follow. This was so good and quite possibly might be my favorite issue I have read in 2021.

Best Comic Sequel I’ve Read in 2021

Witchblood is another comic series that I’m thoroughly enjoying. On the cover is the main protagonist, Yonna. She is a witch traveling in the Western United States. While traveling, her motorcycle breaks down and she stumbles upon a group of vampires. These vampires are hunting for an artifact that belongs to Yonna’s witch mentor. Yonna realizes she can’t let these vampires collect this artifact and now she’s on an adventure to stop them.

Witchblood is a comic I would recommend for anyone new to comics.

New Release I Haven’t Read Yet

I backed the third volume of For Goodness Sake by K. Lynn Smith. Additionally, I was able to pick up the second volume as well. I believe it technically will be released this year? or sent to me in the mail this year, so I thought it counted.

For Goodness Sake tells the story of Rayne, a young woman traveling throughout the US in her makeshift camper. She stumbles upon Thatcher. Thatcher was cursed and now he appears as a relative to the devil. Rayne is determined to rid Thatcher of his curse and find who cursed him in the first place. Rayne and Thatcher’s friendship is adorable to read about.

Most Anticipated Release for the Second Half of the Year

I’m a big fan of any of the YA Teen Titans books. This one features Mandy, the daughter of Starfire. She’s nothing like her, yet she’s constantly compared to her. As Mandy figures out her plans post-high school graduation, Starfire’s past comes back to haunt her. Does Mandy help her mother? or is this her chance to break free?

I’m a big fan of Teen Titans anything, so I’m going to read this. As a side note, this book is getting a lot of negative press on Goodreads, and I’m not sure why since it’s not out till August. I’m still planning on reading this.

Biggest Disappointment

Hollywood Trash #1 was probably the worst comic I have read this year. I’m a big fan of Mad Cave Studios, however, this series wasn’t for me. The story was hard to follow and I didn’t find it that interesting. I encourage everyone to check out Mad Cave Studios, but not this series.  

Newest Favorite Character

Logan McBride is a character I thought was intriguing to follow. She’s one of the main characters in Destiny NY by Pat Shand. I like reading about Logan because I think her actions seem realistic to me. She is going through a bad breakup and calls out her ex for treating her badly. She takes comfort in working at a coffee shop and petting her cute kitty. She also happened to fulfill her destiny at a young age and now struggles to find what’s next in her life. She’s a young woman who doesn’t quite know who she is yet. I think that struggle reminds me of me a couple of years ago.

Destiny NY is another great comic series I would recommend.

Book That Made Me Happy + Beautiful Book I’ve Bought

Aquicorn Cove is such a lovely story about family, loss, and ocean preservation. Aquicorn Cove takes place in the same world as Tea Dragon Society both written and illustrated by Katie O’Neill. Aquicorn Cove centers on Lana who visits her aunt by the sea. Lana’s mother passed away when Lana was young and she finds the sea has awakened memories of her and her mother. As storms constantly rock the land, Lana finds an Aquicorn that’s been damaged by the pollution in the lake. This promotes Lana’s aunt to revisit why she does the things she does and how her actions have caused damage to the ocean.

This is such a beautiful story. Katie O’Neill has a way of telling a story about heavy topics while still making this light-hearted. I want to save these books for my children and read these stories to them.

This cover is gorgeous which is not unexpected considering how Katie O’Neill illustrates this lovely world.

Currently, I have read 63 books and/or comics this year. I have surpassed my goal and I’m excited to see what my reading number will be at the end of 2021. What comics have you read this year that you have loved? Let me know in the comments below.

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