The Vision Complete Collection

Every Friday has been devoted to watching the latest episode of WandaVision. Me and my fiance have been hooked as each episode reveals a piece of the story leading to Wanda and Vision’s life in their sitcom. Since I’m loving the show, I wanted to find more comics that detail Vision and Wanda’s love story. After reading Bookidote’s review of The Vision Collection, I ended up purchasing my copy. The Vision Collection was written by Tom King supposedly inspired aspects of the show on Disney+. The Vision Collection is an engaging albeit dark take on Vision’s life.

Vision is lonely. He was with Scarlet Witch and they had a falling out. As a result, Vision created his wife Virginia, and two kids Vin and Viv. Vision’s family certainly looks like him with pink skin, bright green hair, and the yellow stone on their forehead. The Vision family even adopted a robot dog! On the outside, they had a house in the DC suburbs, Vision was still an Avenger, and all was well, or was it?

The story was captivating! Tom King does such an amazing job painting Vision as someone with more depth. It’s easy to pass him off as being a robot, however, King can craft Vision as someone to sympathize with even though he’s not human. Vision has trouble relating to human emotions, yet he crafts this family because he wants the human experience. He wants to be above what he was created for by Ultron and while working with the Avengers satisfies this need, Vision wants more. I appreciated the darkness in the story. Certain events happen to the Vision family that Vision has to cover up. This graphic novel felt like reading a version of WandaVision except Vision is the star. I kept reading Vision’s dialogue with Paul Bettany’s voice in my head which fits the character.

The art is phenomenal. I like the greens and pinks of Vision’s colors mixed with the panels. The covers of each issue gave off this eery foreboding of something amiss in the suburbs of DC. One cover features a floating mailbox saying “The Visions” in cursive. There’s something about the cover that gives me chills. Their house is in the background and it’s slightly blurred. I think it says a lot about the art of a graphic novel if I’m sitting and staring at the cover analyzing why this cover is drawn the way it is.

Before the introduction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I didn’t think much of Vision. He didn’t stand out to me. After watching WandaVision, and reading The Vision Collection, I understand how complex Vision is. This is one of the best graphic novels I have ever read. I never considered Vision to be an interesting character, however, this novel made me think otherwise. I will say this novel doesn’t feature Scarlet Witch as much as I would have liked since the focus is on Vision. I rated The Vision Collection by Tom King five stars on Goodreads.

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